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  1. Ha! I grew up in Tumba. When I saw "snowy mtns" I thought "close" then I saw your actual location and laughed.

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    welcome :dontknow:
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    Welcome Lauren. Mouse or another Perth enthus should be able to help you. Cat
  4. My fry tanks are the exact same, admire the bubs one day can't see em thru the soup the next Algae is just going nuts everywhere except my 4' female tank & I thought it would be 1st to go due to location, lighting etc. :)
  5. I think the photo makes him look short, looks to me like he is starting to bend to turn not swimming straight if you know what I mean. Let me know when you spawn these apirs, I want fry!
  6. Yeah didn't see any of them before buying but they are just what I wanted (the top pair) the other girl is nice too, but haven't got a boy for her...yet. The male came from Luckybetta & the females from Preecha Ammara. They still need to settle in as they had a long trip, but they are in great condition so will spawn them shortly.
  7. Well these guys just arrived from JL today to kickstart my CT line. Very happy with them The boy 1st Female (she will be spawned to the boy shortly) 2nd Female.
  8. It will likely take them a while to settle in, mine did when they went from still to constantly flowing water, I just carded them & made sure none got too stressed but they settled well within a short period.
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