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  1. I am so happy you told me about this! I was about to process an order from a couple of these people. Thank you so very much. Cheers!
  2. THANK YOU SOOOO MUCH... I will post my fish up and show you what I will breeding and what desired colours I am after I would like to breed: 1) a red male (CC) with a cambodian red female (ccnrnr) and I am not too sure what I'll get but I believe the first spawn will be all red (F1 generation)... however if the female is represented as ccnrnr... I have a chance of getting what I want which is a solid yellow (CCnrnr), a yellow bodied one (Ccnrnr). As for more red cambodian ones... sure lol 2) a Blue male (Blbl) with a blue female (Blbl) and theoretically I will get 50% blue (Blbl),
  3. Hello everyone. I am rather new to all of this and have just bought a platinum plakat, a royal blue HM, a red HM and a green lace HM. I am wanting to try and breed specific coloured bettas. If I was to mix primary coloured betta such as red and blue together, is there a chance of receiving a purple? Can someone explain to me how I can breed butterfly HM's with only primary coloured bettas? How do you try and get certain coloured bettas? Is it by mixing their colours? lol if this is silly :D
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