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  1. I did the same thing, and got the same result Now I have all the guys asking to make more and bring it in........in some cases I just resorted to emailing them the recipe and telling them to get they're wives to make it ....... all of them are 'culinary challenged' ..... you'd think for guys the that work in a high tech industry they could manage to work a microwave... I also posted a photo of the Betta cake in the AAQ Bake Off Challenge....so you probably saw it there
  2. Update.... These guys are now 4 1/2 weeks old, and their colours are starting to develop...at the moment there seems to be variations of blue and green metallics similar to my first spawn.... I still have 300 - 400 babies over the 2 grow out tanks....the following photos are from one corner of one of the tanks. Here are some photos......in some of the photos you'll see 'little yellow balls' on the bottom of the tank...these are newly hatched Apple Snails...the pair of Apple Snails that I've had in the tank have layed 4 nests of eggs of the last week or so...the first nest has started to hatch and the baby snails are the 'little yellow balls'
  3. Update.... The fry are free swimming around the nest with Dad playing guard under the nest......don't know how many there are, but it doesn't seem to be a big spawn
  4. Update... Fry are almost up to the free swimming stage...at the moment their keeping Dad busy by going for a swim in the plants and then dropping like stones to the bottom of the tank.......Dad is being a fusspot.....
  5. Update... The fry have been free swimming for about a day...taken Dad out of the tank.......suspect that he's been snacking when I wasn't looking.....haven't done a head count, but there appears to be only a small number of fry in the tank
  6. Update.... The fry have been fry swimming for about a day now....just taken Dad out of the tank....looks like he's been snacking....there are only about 12 fry left in the tank...
  7. Amy, I'll put you down for one. And I'll let you know when the babies are ready to go to new homes. Cheers Fiona
  8. During the night the male lost interest in the nest...this morning, there was a scattering of eggs on the bottom of the tank and the male is eating the eggs. I would hazard a guess that the egg were not fertile. Will try this pair again some time in the future.
  9. Hi Amoi, Welcome back. If your not in a hurry to get your breeding pairs I have several spawns growing out now. Ranging from 6 weeks old to just hatched today. I'm also on the south-side of Brisbane, so I'm only about 1 hour drive away from you. Check out my Breeders profile to see what spawns I currently have in the tanks. Breeder Profiles Cheers Fiona
  10. hmmm....let's see First Spawn - approx. 60 Second Spawn - approx. 400 Third Spawn - between 100 - 150 Four Spawn - between 50 - 70 2 more spawns hatched tonight.....don't know how many are there and 3 more spawns today..... hmmm....maybe we show start a 'guess the number of fry at Fiona's place' game.....
  11. The apple snails arrived today via express post....got them at half price due to the fact that they had damaged shells......doesn't worry me, didn't buy them for their looks.....but the kids are having fun checking them out
  12. Update..... Ok, the kids are now 6 weeks old. Branching is starting to develop on the tails of some of the largest juvies, and their colour is getting stronger. Here are some photos of the kids checking out they're new tank mates.....new apple snails. Some more photos '> '> '> '> '> and another... '>
  13. Ahh...but I have people (who shall remain nameless - Peter) lining up for the males now. If your not careful I may just slip you a few extras. :)
  14. Unsure...they were sold on AquaBid as a pair - both the same age. Actually, the breeder sent an extra male with the pair...so I have two males like this..
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