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  1. I did the same thing, and got the same result Now I have all the guys asking to make more and bring it in........in some cases I just resorted to emailing them the recipe and telling them to get they're wives to make it ....... all of them are 'culinary challenged' ..... you'd think for guys the that work in a high tech industry they could manage to work a microwave... I also posted a photo of the Betta cake in the AAQ Bake Off Challenge....so you probably saw it there
  2. Amy, I'll put you down for one. And I'll let you know when the babies are ready to go to new homes. Cheers Fiona
  3. Hi Amoi, Welcome back. If your not in a hurry to get your breeding pairs I have several spawns growing out now. Ranging from 6 weeks old to just hatched today. I'm also on the south-side of Brisbane, so I'm only about 1 hour drive away from you. Check out my Breeders profile to see what spawns I currently have in the tanks. Breeder Profiles Cheers Fiona
  4. Well, we've just finished up our BBQ in the park.... Thanks to Marc, PeterJ and Berryfriendly for turning up... Here's a photo of some of the Brissy AAQ members Left to Right: PeterJ (Peter), RedDragon (Fiona), BerryFriendly (Shannon), Marc (Mark) Also, here's a photo of a fantastic cake that Peter's wife made for the BBQ.......I'll post this into the Betta Bake-off comp. Cheers Fiona
  5. Yes, I'm getting silbing females. The lfs that I got the 4 bay fighter tanks from is: Mary-Anne's Aquariums Pets Supplies Shop 2/ 133 Browns Plains Rd Browns Plains QLD 4118 ph: (07) 3800 7586 It's one of there special tanks....every time I've been down there they've at least 2 there in the shop. I originally asked them if they could build 8 bay tanks for me.....they said yes and quoted a price for 3 of them....I got a phone call later saying that 8 bay tanks couldn't be made and that they would do 6 x 4 bay tanks for the same price...... I ended up getting 7 tanks (I already ha
  6. Not actually a bubblenest.....it's the result of the filter outlet
  7. Already ahead of you there....there is one in the room...just moved it out of the way for the photos
  8. It was just be chance that I got the 8ft tanks. I actually went to the lfs to find out if that could make something like the 4 Bay fighter tanks, but on a large scale.....eg. 8 - 10 Bays. They said it was too small and fiddly a job for them, and then mentioned that they had these 5 tanks....the last of a large lot, all the rest of the 8fts and 6fts had been sold. It was a matter of buy them then or have to get them made in future for 3 times the price. I probably couldn't really afford them, but it was too much of a good bargin to miss....also if I don't use all the tanks, I can sell the s
  9. I plan on setting up a water inlet through the window and having a house with a hand gun style fitting on the end for filling the tanks with water...... I clearance isn't too bad, but I will have to do something about the sharp edges on the metal though. This is what I'm planning on using for my barracks setup. I picked up 5 2nd hand tanks from a lfs that makes tanks. These tanks came from an ex-breeder / importer. Each tank is 8ft L x 15in W x 10in H, made of 6mm glass. Each tank is divided into 20 compartments, and the 2 end compartments have holes to drain water. They're to
  10. Bd - The jars you see on my spawning table are fantastic. Marc, PeterJ and I did a bulk order from Plasdene, they come in packs of 6, but we had to do a minimum order of I think $100. They worked out to about $1.80 (?) a jar. I think that Marc still had 2 x 6 pack of jars from that order that he was planning on selling....you might want to contact him.... Here's the thread about the purchase of jars. http://ausaqua.net/forum/index.php?showtop...623&hl=Jars
  11. Here's a few photos of what the room was like after I stripped everything out of it. It was in this state for about 4 weeks.
  12. Don't worry Bd...you'll get there... Until now I've been operating with 3 spawn tanks and 2 x 2ft grow-out tanks in a bare room...lots of juggling of the few fish I had... As I mentioned, this has taken about 6 weeks to plan...alot of shopping around for the cheapest items I could find, and figuring out how it was all going to fit in the room....also had to take 2 weeks holidays from work to do the final setup.....had to brush off my project management skills to line everything up to turn up at just the right time (and pay for it.......I hate monthly pays...much rather be independently wealt
  13. Hi All, As a lot of you will know, I sort of went a bit crazy buying fish from eBay and AquaBid over the past 2 months, and all the imports are due for pick tomorrow afternoon. So, I decided I needed a fishroom to house them all. I've converted my guest room into a fishroom, seeing the bedroom is very rarely used. The bedroom itself has about a 3m square floor space, plus built-in cupboards. Considering the limited space I had to work with, I've spent the last 6 weeks planning how I was going to fit everything in the room the I needed. Leading up to this week, I've ordered a lot o
  14. Yesterday, I received a very nice package from Nick... 3 pairs of his Dragons. I got 2 pairs of Red Dragons and 1 pair of Yellow Gold. Here's some photos of the boys in their new home having a flaring contest Red Dragon 1 Yellow Gold Dragon Red Dragon 2 Red Dragon 1 and Yellow Gold Dragon Red Dragon 2 and Yellow Gold Dragon Thanks heaps Nick...they're fantastic.. :(
  15. Happy Birthday!!! Hope you get some nice presents......
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