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  1. foxtail

    Infusoria ?

    a lettuce leaf or banana skin will do the same thing as the parsnip. I usually use lettuce leafs as banana smells to bad
  2. i have only seen those kits from overseas suppliers and they cant be imported but i would be very interested if you think yr mums add was an aussie company
  3. Yep it went ahead, good night, small turnout but we raised a fair bit of cash for the next one. There were a lot of new faces as well. And cheers to Paul at Tank for letting us run a muck in his shop after hrs. I think Dean's planning for 1 next month, maybe a weekend might be better especially for those who have to travel. Be good to see some Sydney siders. Cheers Aaron
  4. foxtail

    platic cup

    i have been using a plastic cup as a sight for my male beta to have his nest but it keeps falling over and breaking the nest. Am i supposed to be putting it upside down so there is air trapped in the cup between the water or do u put it right way up? He is making a nest so once i sought this out i will add my female. Thanx Aaron
  5. foxtail


    Hi Jason welcome, What cichlids are u keeping? Are u breeding as well? I'm currently growing a breeding colony of 6 bar Burundi Frontosia. and I've got some Americans breeding atm Cheers Aaron
  6. Welcome I am about to try and hatch my first killies, they are whitei.
  7. foxtail


    yep btw how do u get a the personal pic to be on yr every post?
  8. foxtail


    thanx i was hoping that would be the answer I was thinking that they could crawl under my fingernails cos i use my fingers like u or get in the via the sink with washing dishes and then using them. Yer i get paranoid about stuff. That story about the girl who ate them made me squirm. lol Thanx heaps Aaron
  9. foxtail


    thanx guys I have subcultured mine less than a week ago, and they are swarming, the whole thing looks like its vibrating when i look at it. bit of a trip out actuaclly. I didnt move any matter from the original i just put a piece of paper in there and put it in the new one the next day. it has worked well. But im now left with a smelly container that im not sure on how to dispose of, can i just empty the contents into the bin? Also this might be a crazy/paranoid question but i am a little concerned about these tiny worms entering my body, can someone put my mind at rest with this? I assume they wouldn't be able to live in the human body but im still a little concerned. Aaron
  10. foxtail


    Just wondering 2 things about micro-worms. 1st how long do they last in their cultures, 1 of mine is going black and smelling bad but still has a fair few worms in it. so it it time to throw it out? And can i clean out the container and use it again or just throw it? 2nd once u put them in yr freshwater aquarium how long do they stay alive? If they don't get eaten. Thanx in advance Aaron
  11. foxtail

    viniger eels

    thanx everyone. I knew i had seen that infob4 on this site thanx dracon. just couldnt find it earlier today. Cheers Aaron
  12. foxtail

    viniger eels

    Ive just got some ve's wanting to know how to cultivate them. any tips? Aaron
  13. Hey Mike u better tell them its illegal for siblings to marry. lol Aaron
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