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  1. nemo

    My boys!

    Oh ok, thanks Lilli. I think you're right Terribletegs. I should probably concentrate on good finnage and worry about the colours later. I just love his shape and want to see what would happen if I paired him with a PK female of a different type and colour. I'd be happy with whatever colours that would come out of the pairing.
  2. So cute!! I think I've been converted and will go and buy some tonight. :)
  3. nemo

    My boys!

    I was think of breeding him with a Copper Black Dragon PK female (which I will hopefully get of Callatya) just to see what colours come up in the resulting fry. Do you think I should do this? or do you think I should breed him along the same/similar colour lines?
  4. These are my two boys- one black lace and I don't know how best to describe the other one. Any suggestions? Apologies on photo quality as well- taken with my phone and they just won't stay still! lol. They are both from Aquadisiac in Surry Hills, Sydney. Do you think the first one is worth breeding? I don't know if the pointed caudal is a desirable trait?
  5. nemo

    Hi everyone!

    :bighug: lol. Thanks.
  6. Hi. I tired to add/update my avatar but it doesn't give me the option of uploading one from my computer/personal file. Does anyone know of a way I can do this? Cheers, Peter
  7. Hi everyone. I joined AusAqua a while ago and went offline for a bit and am now back. I am not currently breeding but want to start again soon. I will be focusing mainly on HM Plakats and Traditional Plakats. I've kept Bettas since I was about ten years old and my mother used to keep (and fight) them when she was growing up in Thailand so I think they are in my blood. I have two traditional plakats at the moment- one of them black lace and the other is blue with a red wash and a spade shaped tail (I don't know what to call him). I am also looking to get a pair of B. smaragdinas as well. I en
  8. nemo


    I think I hit Enter when I was typing and so I posted two messages. lol. The longer one is the one to read. I didn't know you could keep those either Callatya, but they are my brother's. I love these little emoticons. They are hilarious.
  9. nemo


    Hi there!! My name is Peter and I live in Sydney's south. I have always had a fascination for betta and was very glad when I came across this site by during one of my internet quests for some betta. I have always had pets from an early age and knew how to clean a filter before I could even reach it without some help! We (me & my family) have 3 turtles, a cat (named Meow), a Rainbow Lorikeet (called Rainbow), 2 corn snakes and many fish (including a red veiltail from lfs). I started out with betta when I was 12. My mother is Thai and so taught me how to look after it. She bred betta when sh
  10. nemo


    Hi there!! My introduction is the third one down. I accidentally hit Enter and so have posted two messages. :cheer:
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