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  1. I've decided to keep some shrimps in there since I cant get any fancy bettas. Thanks all for your help =]
  2. Thank you Ness, I've just read the thread that you have sent me. It doesn't really answer my question though.
  3. Hi guys, Today, I popped down to the Coburg Aquarium to check out their bettas and had a look around at other fascinating creatures that they sold. I came across a very nice looking display unit with a lot of IQ3 Aquarium/tanks for display. They look small but has an in built filter and LED lights come with it too. I was just wondering, with a tank like that, what fishes could you keep in them? And would it be easy to maintain or are they not ideal for keeping fishes in? Thanks a lot guys =]
  4. So 1 blood worm per fish good enough? Or 1 pallet?
  5. Thanks to Nina I have 2 bettas =] All I got to do now is get them some blood worms, LPS is closed right now so maybe tomorrow or something. Btw, what would be better, pallets or bloodworms? And if so, how much per fish? Thanks a lot!
  6. Thanks a lot Bettar, I was thinking about going to Coburg Aquarium to have a look as I have read that Nina has been there and seemed satisfied with their fish (from my bad memory I think she bought 6 in one go) But yeah, thanks a lot again =]
  7. Thanks a lot Brad, your info is worth much more than 2 cents and so does everyone who shares their knowledge with me, it is really priceless to be able to chat and share amongst you. Thank you all who have helped me =]
  8. Yeah I did, but no one posted the last time i checked =\ Thanks for helping me =] I'm planning to get dividers for my 18Litre tank so then i can get 4 fishes.
  9. Oh, its not the fern, it was kinda like a long stem with leaves sticking out. How do I vacuum? And are blood worms good enough? I'm also looking for HM/OHM/Super Delta/ Some Crowntails to buy from melbourne, do you know any? I'm look for 4 fishes, but I already got at least one that I will buy from nina (but i haven't seen all her fishes yet) I do have gravel, but I will remove them if it is better for the fishes, I just thought they help hide the poop so the fish wont eat it, but then again I dont think bettas are low level eaters
  10. I think I'll keep them as pets for now, but when I gain more experience with the bettas, I'll give breeding a try. I only have 2 18litre tanks. I might do what Nina told me to do and get a divider so I can get 4 bettas. I dont think there will be a filter, and I'm not sure what a substrate is o.o When I was little, I bought gold fish, and we bought this plant, I think its the one you mentioned, and I thought it was meant to go into the gravel. And few days later I noticed my gold fishes died, and when i pulled the plant out, the roots were rotting away.
  11. Hello guys, I'm new to this site, and it appealed to me because I love bettas. I used to have some, but later on in my life I became busy so I gave them away to a good friend who liked my fishes. Now that I'm not as busy, I would love to return to my betta caring. Though I was still an amature back then, now I have your help, I'm sure my bettas would love me even more =] I used to feed them bloodwarms and so I will continue doing so with my new ones when I get them. (I've heard bettas love them, I usually feed them 2 - 3 a day, let me know if that is too much or too little) I li
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