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  1. Oh no, you said that 'emergent tank' word. I can hear someone asking me about building one again...
  2. New-car-cell!! *ahem* Shoot me now, and welcome.
  3. Haha, not at the moment. Its a little.... under the weather. I have had an enormous population explosion of some variety of copepod, the tank looks like it has an enormous saltwater cockroach infestation.
  4. Yes, yes it is. Pffthh, who asked you? I couldnt do anything until i was re-approved I lost the brochure, but I'm pretty sure the first one is "attending meetings to make it look like you are doing something about it"
  5. Hi. My name is Tim and I have a problem. My girlfriend is addicted to fish. I mean, Icall me an enabler, but its all her fault, I swear. I'm a career student currently studying Environmental Science at the University of Newcastle, I work retail, keep a poor excuse for a marine nano tank and help my other half in the maintenance of the guppy and betta breeding mess that used to be our loungeroom. Oh, and feed her guppies to the Oscar when she's not looking. Cheers!
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