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  1. kennyy


    Welcome :wacko:
  2. Hello Paul, Welcome :P
  3. Wow lilli, you have a killer medicine cabinet xD I like your fishroom
  4. kennyy


    Welcome, This site is good! :D
  5. Woah, I like his colour. Can't believe you found him at a LFS :cheer:
  6. Sorry about your loss D: R.I.P I go to Coburg Aquarium too xD That's where i brought my CT. They have a lot of bettas. The tanks arn't always clean but at least they don't leave them in cold water..
  7. Wow stefan, for $10? Which LFS is this? The DT at my LFS are for like 20 - 25 and they don't have very good colours
  8. Hey stephan, i was the one that emailed you about buying your bettas. The one with the friend that wanted to buy one xD

  9. kennyy

    Hi. Im Sam.

    Welcome Sam, one of my past bettas was named Sushi :)
  10. Welcome to AAQ :)

  11. Thanks for the warm welcome everyone, noodles is red and black and his a crowntail. I'm located in Thomastown, Melbourne *lol*
  12. Hey everyone, I'm a betta lover and currently own one betta. His name is noodles. I joined this forum because i live in Australia and i wanted to join a forum that is in my country. I hope to find out more about bettas.
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