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  1. Hi there and welcome to AAQ. I hope you have a few spare tanks cos 1 or 2 bettas is never enough :)
  2. Hi Jaxon I've seen a modified A1 barracks at one of my LFS. I talked about it with them and they basically had new cubes made to the same depth and height, but double the width, so instead of having 8(?) cubes across each level, there was only 4. With the drippers at the top, they originally just had one turned off and the other one at one end, but with half of them turned off it increased the flow through the others, so they simply added a piece of airline to one and ran it out the back of the cube, problem solved. Having the water come in at one side also provided the bettas with a mov
  3. I agree with faewyn, we don't see the variety over here seen in the other states, although Seaview on Anzac has had some nice fish recently. They mostly have VT, however often have nice CT and the occassional nice HM. Need to find out where the wholesalers send all the good ones *lol*
  4. Did I see lovely long ventrals on Sunan, streaming behind him in the wind... (underneath him in the water )? All the moon talk has made me curious, I plan to introduce my girl to the spawning tank in the next day or so, with the intention of releasing her early next week with the full moon. However, I've not really got any control spawns to match it against, only having had 2 previous spawns from 2 attempts (3 days after new moon and 1 day after full moon). Good luck if you try again :cheer:
  5. Wow he has changed a fair bit, is quite interesting to see before and after photos of marbles, thanks :D
  6. I'm not sure, I haven't seen one like him before, and I'm still learning all the colour variations. My wife likes him so that's the most important thing I guess lol.
  7. Calla I don't think he's come from a doubletail spawn, but I've checked with Robert (he showed me quite a few males and I can't quite recall all the lineages, I could quite possibly be confused lol) Let's keep that a secret Neffy, my son would be most disappointed I think the name's kinda cute too Assuming the colouring stays the same, what would be the best way to describe him?
  8. Hi all, please welcome the newest addition to the household, Fishyfishy... named by Tyler (my son, just turned 3). I picked this guy up on Saturday (thanks Robert), and now have him settled in the stables. He didn't flare much at Robert's so wasn't sure how close to HM he would get, but I've had to card him now as he has a taste for it... and poor old Mango isn't as young as he used to be Hopefully with a bit of exercise he'll make HM. Not too sure how to classify his colours, but I like them :)
  9. Thanks all. I must say this is a TERRIFIC forum, members are great. Dan
  10. thanks for the welcome profile amended, cheers.
  11. Hello all, I am the proud owner of 5 adult betta's, a blue and an oragne VT, a pair of Cambodian CTs, and a female plakat(?). I have spent quite a bit of time recently looking through this site, enjoying the topics of discussion, and now have need of some advice/help? I will post my question under the spawn section if anyone is interested, thanks.
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