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  1. I've been treating my fry for velvet since Lisa pointed it out to me in this picture last week: I took these this afternoon after treating the tank with Protozin for 3 days... are they getting worse or starting to colour up? They are now 16 days old and around 9-10mm. The shine seems to be part of the fry not on the fry, if you know what i mean, though they still do have a few spots on them as well. Treatment is continuing. These pics are of 3 different fry, i have around 20 i think.
  2. I'm only just beginning, my first spawn was a bit over 2 weeks ago, and i have approx. 20 fry now aged 16 days. These guys are VT x HM, but in the future i plan on concentrating on HM. :)
  3. Hiya I'm not far from you, just in Grafton LOL Welcome to the forum :)
  4. No worries I don't think 90c is gonna break the bank LOL Thanks for getting them. Only 7 days to go....
  5. Lisa, the bottle says to treat on day 1, 2, 3 and 6. Is that the correct course for fry? Thanks Cassi, i turned the temp up a little, but will set it a little higher again ;)
  6. I think you were right Lisa, this morning the spots were visible with the naked eye. I got some Protozin and half dosed my fry. Hopefully they will come good On a side note - betta fry are not the only babies in my spawn tank... apparently my snails have been getting their freak on as well i can see a tiny little snail in there too! Oh! just occurred to me... should i have removed the snails before dosing with protozin? Too late now i guess.
  7. HHMMMMMMM i'm only 5'3" i would so need a step stool/ladder to get to the top shelf ;)
  8. I wondered about that... decided not to mention it knowing someone would if they thought it was there - thought i was imaging it LOL. I have Multi-cure here but have never had to use it before, i've been very lucky to have very healthy fish. Is Protozin available at a regular LFS? I will try to get some tomorrow morning and keep an eye on my guys. Thanks heaps Lisa.
  9. Managed to get a pic of a light fry and a dark fry alongside each other tonight and with both of them in focus! It's a miracle!!!!
  10. We have dorsal fins today, only a tiny lil tip of a dorsal but it's there, and the anal fin is developing. In some of the pics i *think* i can see branching in the caudal developing, but not sure if it's just my eyes LOL This is one of the lighter coloured fry, i also have some darker ones. They are thoroughly enjoying their feeds of BBS amd VE. Fry pic day 13
  11. No pic today but they are now 11 days old and have tiny little gill fins and the biggest of the lot appears to have a tiny nub of an anal fin beginning. No dorsal fins yet. No colouring yet other than light or dark. The most i have spotted in one go is 14, if i can get that many to adults i'll be very happy! They are about 8mm today - they grow so fast!!!
  12. Thanks Lisa, i thought that might be the case, just want to be prepared :)
  13. Definite caudals, they are easily seen and photographed now. The fry are about 7mm long now. The most i have counted at any one time is 12, so i'm still not sure how many are in there LOL Water is now covering the sponge filter and i have it running at about 1 bubble every second or so. At what age would you normally move them to a larger growout tank? Fry pic - 9 days old
  14. Okay well i want 2 sleeves of 50, that leaves 8 if i buy a box, who else wants them? LOL
  15. He's lovely. I'm a sucker for saving them too, most of my bettas were rescues rather then purpose bought fish LOL
  16. Spawn Info: Date of Spawn: 6 June 2009 Time: around midday Moon Phase: 1 day before full moon Weather: Clear fine day top of 21C
  17. They are so cute Good luck Rob!!
  18. I'll add the extra details to my spawn log, but i'll not be having another spawn for a few months - one a t a time is enough for this newbie LOL
  19. Fergus


    Hello again Leah LOL You might be able to source some in Sydney, not sure if anyone here has any available at the moment, check the classifieds forum You could post a WTB - wanting to buy - thread. Or you could have a look at LFS, someone specialises in Bettas and Fancy Guppies, if you do a search you should find the link pretty quickly. She's in Brisbane but posts all over Australia.
  20. Thanks Rob The fry are 7 days old today, and so cute LOL Prince was an LPS find. I'd been on the lookout for a purple-looking fish and when i saw him i thought he was dead! I tapped the glass and swished my finger in the top but he just sat in the corner of his little glass tank in the betta barracks. There were larger males on either side of him and both appeared to be very dominant, happily flaring away at anything that moved. Then i saw Prince twitch his gills and i made a decision to rescue him. The poor little mite was so skittish. My 9yo son named him Prince after Scott Prince, one of the Gold Coast Titans players. For the first 4 weeks we barely saw him at all, he just hid in his little castle. He would only come out to eat if it was dark in the room. He gradually started to come out during the day but would hide if shown his reflection. All up we had Prince for almost 10 weeks before he made his first feeble attempt to flare at another male. Then i was doing a water change on the girls community tank and i had the girls in a jar on the bench when i caught sight of him parading for them - first time i'd ever seen him in full flare - we'd had him about 4 months by then. After that he would flare at anything, apparently the girls woke him up LOL So back to the point... no i have no idea about Prince's lineage LMAO
  21. I removed Prince today, he was looking a little stressed and i was beginning to wonder about fry numbers. A nice feed of FDBW and he was good as new. He is alongside the fry tank so he can still see the fry, he seems to be checking on them occasionally LOL Managed to get a better pic of Prince today... The fry now have developed adult looking eyes, i couldn't tell until i saw this pic though LOL And you cannot see it here because the fry are so transparent in the tail still but i *think* i can see tiny little caudals developing. Fry day 7
  22. AWESOME! Looks like a fantastic system! I'm blown away by that one!
  23. I priced a carton of 500 round 800ml plastic containers and lids today (like Lisa uses) at $115. If i buy the box is anyone interested in buying some? I really only want 100 but it works out cheaper to buy the whole box. The girl told me they are in sleeves of 50 so that would be $11.50 for 50 containers and lids.
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