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  1. Forgot all about watching for ventrals until i read Lisa's spawn log! In the pics above there are ventrals clearly visible. I went back through the photos i have taken and the ventrals were first visible (on hugely enlarged photos) on day 16.
  2. Absolutely stunning! Congrats on such beautiful babies :)
  3. Not sure on Rob's comment, it made me ???? as well LOL I just assumed it was some kind of typo LOL I always say DH means Dear Husband or Dickhead Husband, depending on the day :)
  4. Thanks all I did a thorough clean out of the fry tank today, as recommend by someone's DH Todd, after treating for whitespot and took the opportunity to do a proper head count. There are 28 fry in my tank. The colours are interesting! Some very light in body still, with definite red wash in the caudal, some with blue irid, some green... each day gives me something new to look at - i'm like a kid on Christmas morning everyday LOL
  5. Sounds good Lisa I will make 3 IBC members for you LOL
  6. Cool I have an aunt in Weetangera. I still love Canberra, though i have adjusted to north coast temps and don't think i'd like a canberra winter much any more LMAO
  7. How cute are those babies!!!!!!
  8. Heya Where abouts in Canberra? I used to live in Calwell & Downer :D
  9. Um.... drool! Beautiful pics!
  10. Email flying through cyberspace as i type! I understand that that the SSSInc is a stand alone society? Not a part of the IBC? Not sure - either way i'm happy to be a member of both! It will be great for there to be real support for new betta hobbyists.
  11. Found that i did take a pic of my new boy... but not his girlfriend, you will have to wait for her LOL and for a flaring pic of him also.
  12. MMMM one might leave them alone lol but i have 10, in a 3ft tank, the smallest of which is about 3 inches in length LMAO They are little monsters :)
  13. Well a great night was had by all! Cassi's potato salad was sensational and the BBQ was great. We had Peta (Peta(&Eric)), Cassi (Fighters4u), Amir & his brother (Agaff), Julia & her DH (Bender), someone & her DH (someone), Darren and myself and my DH. There was lots of fish chat, drooling over JL's pretties, awwwwing over the presents from Michael (bettarazzi) and Lisa (lilli) and more. We all agreed no pics of individuals LOL but i took some pretty good pics of some fish which with someone's permission i will post once i get them uploaded to photobucket. I came away with 3 new fish (hides LOL) i just couldn't choose!!! I got the Purple Jaffa Halfmoon boy in this vid and an Armegeddon sibling pair that were not on youtube. Once i get them home and comfortable i will post pics eta: sorry Darren!!!!!
  14. I'm sorry for your loss Tegan, they do swim their way into our hearts don't they.
  15. Heaps of cups! LOL I just grabbed 2 sleeves from work thats around 50 LOL I have family in Canberra too In fact used to live there before Mum & Dad moved us up the Grafton :D
  16. My guys are growing so fast! The signs of infection are now gone, the final day of their course of meds is tomorrow so they should be all good after that. I now have variations of sizes between 10mm and about 14mm. There are still around 20 of them. They are now 20 days old and look.... they are blowing bubbles - too cute! This pic is not the clearest but it shows the red colouration developing in the caudal. And here's one of the darker fry developing a bluish iridescence.
  17. Goldfish are monsters LOl mine eat everything! They uproot everything! LOL But they have such character and they love to see me when i come close to the tank (or so i tell myself - really they just want food )
  18. Fergus

    Hi to all

    Hiya John, from the rainy north coast nsw LOL
  19. Sounds good, we'll be leaving here at about 12 noon and plan on chceking into the motel and then coming down. The motel is not far though, only about 10km i think. I have coffee cups & lids, hot chocolate sachets, tea bags, sugar & equal. Will get some nibblies on the way. Shall i grab some milk for coffee also? Or is that covered? We have about 4 of those camping chairs and so will throw those in in case anyone forgets.
  20. Accommodation booked and paid - see you Saturday! (with long suffering hubby in tow )
  21. She doesn't look well at all poor little poppet :D
  22. Okies, the bottle said to treat the tank on day 1, day 2, day 3 and day 6. Now today was day 4 and added protozin (half dose) to the tank anyway early this morning as i could still see the spots. My question now is whether to continue using each day or should i wait three days before dosing again? I also did a small water change this afternoon (siphoned about 500ml off and added about 1L of aged tank water), does that affect the treatment? Thanks for that article Cassi I do think they are definitely developing irid. as it's much clearer today. Most of the fry have bluish irid. on their bodies and tails - very exciting! Though some have a definite gold metallic on their heads - i'm hoping it's metallic anyway and not more disease!!! Seems to me that no matter how much research you do before spawing your bettas the little monsters will throw something at you just to make life confusing LOL
  23. Hmmmmm, not a lot i can do other than continue what i'm doing whether it's velvet, whitespot (what is the difference?) or not unfortunately. I just hope my babies make it - is it sad that i'm so attached to these little guys?? LOL Rob, feel free to use any of my pics that i post on the forum I have a spaceship camera... seriously it's a Konica Minolta DiMAGE Z6. It has Anti-Shake which is awesome, and i use the Landscape setting with Super Macro turned on, all my pics are taken using a flash.
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