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  1. Actually the little guts-aches had just been fed pellets and they saw me come back towards the tank and thought i was gonna give them more food :cheer:
  2. Thanks Razzi :alright: I like the bonsai pots too I couldn't get any plain terracotta and just hoped the glazed ones would be okay. They seem to be fine, i wanted to have live plants but didn't want substrate in the growout tank to make it easier to clean - got the best of both worlds now LOL The plants are in some peat, then with the gravel to keep it all together. Plants seem to be doing well with it and the fry like them too... My fry are 33 days old today and really enjoying the space of the grow out tank. I did have one casualty of the big move though They now all readily take the teeny tiny pellets i got from Cassi, the LOVE grindal worms, frozen bloodworms and FD black worms. Feed time...
  3. Having joined AAQ after this thread was started i just have to chime in and say that that is one stunning betta!!! Got to love a good LFS find!
  4. Rob i really think it's due to having such a small number - there's only 28 of them and has been since they were a week old. They don't have to compete for food, i probably overfeed them too though LOL I am so worried about them being hungry LOL I moved them out of the 20L spawn tank tonight into a 60L growout tank. I came home from work today and found that most of my biggest fry had chunks missing from their caudals, decided that they needed some space to hide from each other This is my biggest fry - note the caudal ARGH! Another one, yet again a big fry with a missing piece of caudal 60L grow out tank I also spent some time on the weekend setting up my "fish room" really it's just a set of shelves at one end of the kids TV room along side the desk my PC will be on.
  5. Okay i'm back.... the fry just had their first meager feed of grindal worms (thanks Lisa!) along with their BBS and pellets. I did what i could re: measurements and my guys range from approx. 14mm to 19mm. And here are some new pics
  6. Fergus

    Hi. Im Sam.

    I have one of the Big W tanks - it's an 18L panoramic tank. It's my sorority tank for my 3 VT betta girls. I haven't had a problem with it - other than the motor crapping out after 18 months. It's quite a nice tank, i also have the hexagonal 5L tank :)
  7. Fergus

    Hi. Im Sam.

    Hiya Sam Welcome to AAQ. Best of luck with your finned friends I have a mixed tank of goldfish - including 2 black moors - there's 9 left out of the original 12. They live in a 3ft tank :)
  8. Not 100% sure Rob, i'll see if i can get them to co-operate for me, will take some pics too and get back to this thread later.
  9. Welcome to AAQ :)

  10. Fergus

    Welcome to AAQ :)

  11. I used Protozin on recommendation from Lisa with my fry and it was excellent, cleared up the whitespot very quickly, and treatment for whitespot & velvet is the same :fish:
  12. Very nice!!!! That girl is a very pretty little thing and i love the colour of the boy, would love to see another clearer pic if you can get him to hold still for a second LOL
  13. I had 2 words for you Rob: FRY PICS please :lol; well that's 3 Your boy is just lovely, i really like his colours a lot :fish:
  14. [popcorn bbs] did smell, and not pleasantly either LOL Though the fryzies LOVED it LOL I used decapped BS but do have some regular eggs that i could possibly be talking into trying.... LMAO Back on topic... my fry are doing well, now really enjoying chopped frozen bloodworms, chopped freeze dried blackworms and tiny tiny pellets along with their BBS.
  15. I would have Razzi but someone didn't have one. Will put him with my copper HM girl.
  16. yep, those stripes are actually on Jaffa, they run down his body and through the anal fin - probably a fault but i love it LOL It looks like someone drew on him with a texta :wacko:
  17. He is a lovely boy! Loving the colour :wacko:
  18. :D It freaked me out! Those eyes *cringe* :lol:
  19. And here's Jaffa... he's a purple/orange HM who i plan on spawning with Bridie the Copper HM.
  20. Here's the new fishies i got at the BBG from someone lat weekend. I just them all Geddon the Armageddon *snicker* guess what his girlfriend's name is...... yup Arma! LMAO This pic is way out of focus but it's so creepy i just had to share.... Now his girlfriend (sib. pair) She is very camera shy, she tried to hide under the java moss... i might hide if i saw what looks like a spaceship coming at me with flashing lights on it too LOL
  21. Might give it a go later, can't hurt LOL and now i'm intrigued :D
  22. Fergus

    Hi, i'm kenny

    Welcome to AAQ Kenny :D
  23. I have some FD blackworms that arrived last week (check out the Australian Blackworms website for a free sample!) so i will give them a try. I am trying to get variety into their diet now they are bigger. I have tiny tiny pellets that some will eat (some spit it back out), the chopped frozen bloodworm, VE, BBS, and decapped BS eggs. I am really enjoying them now, they are so cute and seem to be developing personalities already LOL. One of them has a chunk out of his caudal already Actually s/he's the last pic above. Thank you so much to everyone for your help and advice! I'm hoping these guys continue to do well and once they are 3 months i can spawn my next pair :)
  24. New pics... can do LOL Okay these guys are 26 days old today and the photos are from last night. They had their first go at frozen bloodworms last night which the bigger guys seemed to enjoy a lot. The little ones just stuck to the BBS. There seems to be a lot of colour variations, some greens, some bluish, one with purplish irid, and still a few of the light coloured guys are undecided about what colour they want to be yet.
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