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  1. This spawn has gone amazingly well - must have been beginner's luck as i have had 3 failed spawn attempts since. Three of the girls from this spawn now happily reside with 2 lfs male guppies, 4 neons, 2BN and a mollie. Anyone who is close enough and wants some nice pet bettas drop me a line. Here's some pics of some of these guys n' gals now at just over 11wks. The numbers correspond to the numbers in the last pics (if there was one). 004 007 011 012 013
  2. Fergus


    Hiya! So tell us what you are breeding at the moment :eek:
  3. Hiya, welcome to AAQ What other fish do you own currently? Bettas are so much fun, you will love them :fish:
  4. It looks great! Thanks for the pictures! I'd love to see pics of the next one when you get it done also :)
  5. Did you ever get this tank done? I'd be interested in seeing pics if you did.
  6. I use a plastic beer cup, tap water, a spoon of salt a little bicarb, stir in some decapped eggs, place under halogen lamp, give it a swirl when you think of it. That's as scientific as i get LOL I find they start hatching in around 12 hours with a maximum hatch after about 24hrs. Strain & reuse brine for the next hatch. I only use the brine for 2 hatches though before i use a fresh mix.
  7. Tegs, i thought i was the only one with an airline attached to a chopstick :giggle:
  8. To my uneducated eye it looks like it may have been an abcess. He may have had it under the scales for quite a while and once the pressure built up too far it ruptured into an open sore. That would explain how it just appeared overnight. Poor little mite. :)
  9. 005 006 009 010 012 - this one wouldn't flare but the colour is so pretty i had to share 2 more pics to come
  10. A few days ago i jarred just over half of these guys due to flaring and nipping going on and decided to take some pics tonight during the water change... These fry are now 8w3d old. 001 002 003 004 More pics to come...
  11. Here's th last i saw of any fry from this spawn...
  12. This spawn seems to be a wash. I only ever saw 3 fry and i haven't seen them for about 3 days, i have continued adding VE to the tank just in case but i am yet to see anything fry-like. There are some other tiny tiny swimming things though LOL I think maybe it's time to tear the tank down, wash well and start over. The full moon is coming up soon, i might put the dragons back together and see if they are more interested this time.
  13. Thanks someone I'm hoping to see a repeat of the vertical stripes he has but i'm not holding my breath... especially now... I have removed Dad from the spawn tank as he got hungry today and ate 3/4 of the eggs. Hopefully some of the remianing eggs will hatch.
  14. They really are a stunning pair Lisa, i can't wait to see what you get from this spawn!
  15. This pair were in the spawn tank for about a week before he showed interest in a nest and she striped up and swelled with eggs. Female released on 23rd July. He tore her up a bit and i was going to remove her to heal when i got home from work today. Well, i went to get her out and we have eggs! I removed her as she was cowering behind the filter and he was rushing her everytime she came out. She's now comfortable in her own tank after a big feed of FD blackworm. Bridie is also the mother of my first (and only) spawn. Jaffa Bridie Not a great pic due to the flash and the lamp alongside the tank but you can see the eggs in the nest.
  16. These guys were 7 weeks old yesterday and have grown out of sight!!! I have one really large guy and one really small guy. I am doing regular water changes every few days. They are now on a diet of primarily tiny pellets, with some chopped bloodworms & FD blackworms every other day. It's hard to count them as they move so fast but i had 28 to begin with and have lost only 2 and there's still quite a few in the tank so i'm going to assume they are still all there LOL This is my biggest guy and one of the fry on the smaller side, not the smallest though.
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    hi Paul! welcome to AAQ :P
  18. My dragons were not interested at all, put them together the night before full moon, the male shredded the female and i took them out tonight, will try again with them next full moon.
  19. My fry are now 38 days old and they are growing so fast!!! They have been in the 2ft growout tank for 8 days now and i have lost 2 fry Not sure why they just upped and died. The bigger ones with chomped on fins are still bigger than the others and their caudals are growing back nicely. There's a nice selection of colours coming through, and a couple have that purple irid i love so much in their dad. There a some with really nice spread in their caudal, i'm watching eagerly to see what i end up with as they grow further. Here's some pics from today - mind the full bellies That's the first chomped on fry from post #75 on the left.
  20. Just go into work on the day and then fake a migraine did i just say that?! :(
  21. :cheer: congratulations Razzi!!!! I am looking forward to a detailed spawn log! :(
  22. :cheer: congrats on the babies!
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