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  1. Oh... oh my! I want him!!!!!!!!! Damn shame he's in the USA.
  2. I set up the same hatchery as the video in Cassi's post and am finding its working really well. To harvest i have just been using my turkey baster to suck up water and strain the BBS through a dust mask then pour the water back in. It's working really well.
  3. I've been thinking about it. I may as there's a few really nice fish! There's 6 or 7 with 4-ray branching that i thought would be nice together.
  4. I try to feed them twice a day - morning and night but occasionally, depending on my schedule they only get fed once per day (probably why some are still so tiny - but i have so much going on that i didn't anticpate when i spawned this pair.)
  5. I took some photos yesterday I have some monster fry that at 2w4d can already take grindals and some that are itty bitties still hunting BBS. I can see dorsals and anals on the bigger guys now. And there are loads of them - at least 50+ i think.
  6. Well i ended up with 26 adults from my spawn of 28 so i'm really happy about it. They are beginning to head to new homes now. Here's pics of one of my favourites - same fish, with and without the flash.
  7. mum, is what made Lisa ask the question LMAO Most of us would have written MUM & dad. LOL Your fry are looking great yatzy!
  8. Great idea! BNs probably aren't far off either these days LOL
  9. LOL @ everyone There's LOADS of fry! I counted 50 in the pic in focus alone and there's way more than that there. I removed Edward today as i caught him munching on free swimming fry.
  10. Hiya Jack! Welcome to AAQ, i'd love to see some pics of your seahorses if you'd like to share. :)
  11. Hey Nat and welcome to AAQ :)
  12. Fergus

    hi guys

    Hiya! And welcome to the addicts corner of the fish world LOL
  13. Continue please LMAO I just couldn't think of anything else LMAO Perhaps if i do my own F1 i can call them Jacob and Renesmae bwahahaha Seriously though, do you think Black Lace describes them accurately? ETA: Metallic Black Lace - sweet sounds good thanks Lisa :)
  14. I purchased these 2 from Abbey and Lisa a few weeks ago. They are from the Blacksmith x Beetle spawn (#007 and #021). I would call my fish Black Lace "Dragon", the inverted commas are because the having strong irrid. but the scaling is not as thick as a true dragon. If anyone has better ideas on what colour they should be called please let me know. (edited to add... now known as Metallic Black Lace - thaks Lisa!) Edward was placed into the spawn tank on Saturday 19/09/09 (2 days after new moon). Bella was added in jar to tank on Sunday morning. Bella released on Sunday evening and when i got from work on Monday (got a nice storm early afternoon after quite a warm morning) we had eggs! Today we have some tails and more to come i'm sure. Edward is running himself ragged trying to pick up jumping eggs and put them back in the nest and promptly knocks more out with his tail behnd him - silly little fish! I don't have great pics but here we go... Edward already tending the eggs Bella after the spawn, back in her own tank Clutch of eggs More pics of Edward tending the clutch
  15. So any opinions on just what we call our babies? Black Copper Dragon? Copper Black Lace? Depends on the fish??? LOL
  16. YAY! Lots of babies! Glad you finally got a spawn happening Peta!
  17. My pair that are sibs of Cassi's pair spawned today too... spawn log to come if i have hatchlings More Fish-grand-babies for Lisa and Abbey!
  18. Babies!!! So exciting! I hope my pair get it together as quick as yours did Cass!
  19. I can't get mine to come out of hiding for long enough to see if they are boys or girls LOL They sure are cute though ;)
  20. Congrats on all the babies Nina! They are so cute!!! A couple of questions... How do you tell what sex these guys are? And what size are they when they are full grown?
  21. Not sure which song but Metallica and... Nothing Else Matters ~ Metallica, one of my all-time favourite songs. Got mixed up - thought NEM was the first song but DUH then realised i hadn't turned up the sound til halfway through the video LOL
  22. Sad news... Prince, the father of this spawn, died over the weekend. Not sure what happened, he was fine when i fed him before i went to bed and gone when i got up. RIP Princey-boy. :rip:
  23. I know Cass, some of the are regular 2 ray VTs but there are a few with 4 ray branching that must come from their 8 ray mother. So tell me, does that make them deltas rather than VTs? And that girl in the 3rd pic #011 looks like not quite 180 to me, is she a super delta? Or because they are half VTs are they just classed as VTs? I'm loving those first 3 fish pictured - i think they are my favourites and i'm seriously considering an F1... just to see where it takes me :D
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