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  1. Hi, Welcome to AAQ!

    When you say "fancy" betta what do you mean? Your locat pet/fish shop will generally stock Veiltails and Crowntails, with a possibilty of Plakats and Halfmoons.

    Or try posting a "wanted to buy" in the classifieds sections once the admins grant you permission to use the rest of the site.

  2. So Tara... if i can talk Lisa into sending me some of her opaque/platinums, would you be interesting in selling me a few of your ventral-less HMPK? I'd like to see if they can breed fry with ventrals also (and if it works its a new line for me), then you could take them to the SSS meet and add them to the box... Of course - i've not talked to Lisa about this yet either.... oh Lisa! :) LOL

  3. Just thought i'd come and have a whinge.... I got this guy from Lisa and Abbey and i think he is TSTB *cries*


    I got a trio and the 4 times i have tried to pair them he has just beaten the crap out of the female *lol*

    Not having a good run here at all...

    my Purple Jaffa Halfmoon = TSTB,

    my Copper HM Female = dead - somehow squeezed out a 5mm gap in the lid of her tank and commited sideways,

    my Armageddon HM pair = dead - she from unknown causes, he from dropsy, and before they produced any fry too *cries* he was TSTB also.

    and, i tried putting a pair from my first spawn together lovely boy and girl both VT/HM crosses but with 4-ray branching - she killed him in less than 30 minutes - vicious little cow.

    On the up side Edward and Bella's fry (Callalilli Metallic Black Lace PK) are growing up beautifully, i have some showing strong green irid, and some that have thrown back to the copper of their grandfather. None have thick enough scaling that i would call dragon but they are still very pretty little fish, i'll try to get some decent pics later :)

    I guess i'll need to rebuild my stud stock now that i have had some deaths.... i hate losing nice fish.

  4. :) 16 January 2010 : Xmas/social gathering/BBQ; raffle; Kris Kringle; brief presentation on IBC judging methodology and faults; Grooming Competition judging

    Would anyone be able to video the IBC juding presentation and post it on you tube or something? I'd really like to be there for that one but it's just not going to happen in January.

    I might try to get down for the May meeting, depends on work and if i go to Airlie in April or not.

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