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  1. Would anyone be able to video the IBC juding presentation and post it on you tube or something? I'd really like to be there for that one but it's just not going to happen in January. I might try to get down for the May meeting, depends on work and if i go to Airlie in April or not.
  2. I moved these guys to the 2ft growout tank on monday and they have settled into their new home beautifully. They are really enjoying the space of the 2ft after the small spawn tank. They are now 7.5 weeks old. More pics, more pics... LOL (camera happy proud mama please excuse the filthy glass)
  3. He is just lovely!!! I love his white lipstick LOL the anti-goth look LMAO
  4. What can i say? I love photos LOL Is it sad that i have more pics of my fish on my computer than pics of my kids? In my defense - the kids will actually hold still for a photo so i don't need to take as many to get a good shot LOL
  5. YAY! Baby BNs!!! And where my dear, are the pictures of said Mr BN tending his clutch??? LOL
  6. Can we have a recent pic please Warren *bats eyelashes* LOL
  7. I have a feeling that i read somewhere that the post pic limit was also do with spammers... i know of forums that have had that problem but i don't know if AAQ ever has or not.
  8. Awesome pics guys!!! I'm hoping to be able to make it down for a meet sometime next year :P
  9. I would feed her up well and she will grow fast, at the moment i wouldn't put them together as the size difference is too great. She is a really pretty little girl, i have a crowntail boy she would be just lovely with!! LOL Grissom His tail has grown back since i took this pic months ago, Grissom was a rescue fish from an LFS.
  10. Good to hear your girls are recovering Lyarlla :D
  11. I'd either do what Lisa said and try a different male, or if you really want this boy's fry maybe allow them to spawn and then remove dad as soon as the nest and eggs are in place?
  12. A few more pics The marble gene makes it's first appearance in my spawn Some of these guys are still showing strong "red wash". Starting to develop some really nice branching in their caduals too.
  13. No you don't, you're just saying that to make me feel better LMAO
  14. My guys are now 6 weeks 3 days old and the biggest fish is 26mm. Some of them are darkening up quickly and losing what appeared to be red wash - so perhaps it's the red loss gene at work here? I still have some very small fry as well, i'm hoping that the 6 girls still in my growout tank are heading off tomorrow to a new home so that i can move the bigger fry into the growout to give the little ones a chance to catch up. These guys are now off BBS, they are having tiny pellets, chopped frozen bloodworm, chopped FD blackworm, grindals and crushed flake. Oh, and Wayne - check out the size of that snail!!! The ones in the spawn tank have doubled in size... the ones in the growout got massacred by girls in there
  15. Oh they are stunning! I'm putting my hand up for a pair of those babies when they are ready! LMAO I spose i should wait and see if they actually spawn first! :)
  16. OMG drool! Can you imagine how many thousands that would be???? On another note... my non fishy friends call my set the "Fish Lab" LOL
  17. It's not looking good.... i think Jacob got hungry today and consumed the rest of the eggs... oh well maybe young werewovles fish just can't be trusted after all *giggle*
  18. Welcome to AAQ Check the classifieds section to see if anyone has guppies available.
  19. Not content that i blocked her tunnel off Bella jumped back over the top - which means now i'll have to get lids cut (which i've been meaning to do but been putting off) as i have a jumper GGGRRRRR LOL. Also she ate most of the eggs. I salvaged what i could out to a seperate bowl with a heater, java moss and dad, so we will see. If we get any fry i'll keep a couple and give the rest to Cassi :D
  20. I though it might be red loss, as i couldn't find any pics of your fry from their spawn with any red wash on them at all! I guess we wait and see... that's the fun part :D
  21. So.... here's the story... Edward and Bella ("callalilli" metallic black lace hmpk's) live in a barracks that used to be just a 40cm x 20cm x 20cm tank that i siliconed 3 dividers into the make a 4 bay barracks. Smart me left too big a gap for water flow and because i wanted to use glass pebbles for substrate Miss Bella thought she would be clever, she's the only one who wants to move the pebbles so she can go "visiting" her neighbours. So today i got home from work and went to feed the hungry hordes, DH said to me "um is there supposed to be 2 fish in there?" Short answer is no.... long answer is Bella decided to visit her neighbour and spawn! Now Edward is on one side of her and on the other is the male from the Callalilli Red/gold hmpk trio i purchsed a while back, and who do you think Bella went to visit???? Yup the Red/Gold. Guess he'll have to be called Jacob now LOL So the female black lace metallic hmpk spawned with the male red gold hmpk and now we have eggs, quite a few of them. Now my dilemma is do i allow these to hatch where thay are and become food as the swim through the water flow holes in the dividers, do i move the next and eggs and see what the mix turns out like, or do i just remove the eggs and dump them? So before i make a decision what would ya'll do? Jacob tending his nest... The home divided barracks...
  22. So my guys are now just over 5 weeks old and a growing so fast! I have some monster fry and some small guys. The bigger guys are around 15-16mm and the smaller ones are around 7-8mm. They are loving their grindals and today had their first feed of chopped frozen bloodworm. I have not had any losses of fry so far and i think there are around 60 or so in the tank - i have not really tried to count them. I'm doing 2L water changes once or twice per week and the tank is now full. They are starting to show a little irridescence, and there's some red wash showing in their anal fins...
  23. Hi and welcome to Bettaholics Anonymous AusAqua Forums There's a recent thread in the classifieds section about someone looking for halfmoons in Adelaide and there's a breeder posting there so that should help you get started in finding a quality betta :)
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