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  1. Maybe? LOL The copper pair are in the tank, and yes... he got nipped, i left the lid off accidently for about 20 minutes yesterday and his father jumped the divider and attacked. Ggggrrrrrr... nasty little beast that Edward, got to watch those vampires i guess! :P LOL His dorsal was really nice too, not quite as wide as the Green Lace, i'm hoping it will heal, but at least it's not genetic.

  2. Looking good so far! Looks like there's plenty of fry there too. If i was to pick at anything it would only be that i would normally spawn in no more than 4"of water, but it's has obviously worked for you! Well done.

    In an emergency i have emptied the tea leaves out of a tea bag and used that to strain VE, the tiny ones get through but you will get enough for a decent feed for the fry.

  3. Figured i should get off my arse and take some more pics of these guys. LOL They are now 16 weeks old and i'm about to attempted an F1 spawn (well they are in the tank... if anything happens remains to be seen)

    I have got Black Coppers, Green Lace, Metallic Black Lace, Marbles and some that have yet to colour up. I ended up with 35 surviving fry, i didn't have any losses after moving them to the 2ft growout which was nice. About half of these guys are jarred, the rest i remove from the grow out as they mature enough to squabble.

    Marble Female


    Green Lace Male


    Green Lace Female


    Black Copper Female (2 pics, same fish)



    More pics to come as soon as someone bumps this for me...

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