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    Shemma's betta

    Here's the videos...
  2. LOL well we are trying to organise another BBG at someone's could be a good opportunity to get some!!
  3. I will totally be buying something beginning with F from someone LOL
  4. That sucks.... I can relate though... my black copper HMPKs spawned yesterday and ate the lot before i could get mum out of the tank... i'll wait for spawn 2 and remove both of them right away.
  5. So who's up for a Brisbane gathering towards the end of March? I'll email someone and see if she is okay with holding it at her shop again. The last one was a really good night but let's see if we can get a few more people there this time.
  6. Fergus


    Hi ya! Where you from? And what types of bettas are you breeding?
  7. I'm happy to take babes that are still juvvies or have fin damage and see how they grow out Just give Lisa whatever you want to send up on Saturday and surprise me Cass will be here next week too so that will be good timing and she can take hers home next saturday.
  8. Maybe? LOL The copper pair are in the tank, and yes... he got nipped, i left the lid off accidently for about 20 minutes yesterday and his father jumped the divider and attacked. Ggggrrrrrr... nasty little beast that Edward, got to watch those vampires i guess! LOL His dorsal was really nice too, not quite as wide as the Green Lace, i'm hoping it will heal, but at least it's not genetic.
  9. Attempting to add more.... Black Copper Male
  10. Looking good so far! Looks like there's plenty of fry there too. If i was to pick at anything it would only be that i would normally spawn in no more than 4"of water, but it's has obviously worked for you! Well done. In an emergency i have emptied the tea leaves out of a tea bag and used that to strain VE, the tiny ones get through but you will get enough for a decent feed for the fry.
  11. I'll happily take whatever you are willing to give Tara either, or, both, it's up to you. They will have a happy home here witht he rest of my spoiled brats i mean fish LOL
  12. Figured i should get off my arse and take some more pics of these guys. LOL They are now 16 weeks old and i'm about to attempted an F1 spawn (well they are in the tank... if anything happens remains to be seen) I have got Black Coppers, Green Lace, Metallic Black Lace, Marbles and some that have yet to colour up. I ended up with 35 surviving fry, i didn't have any losses after moving them to the 2ft growout which was nice. About half of these guys are jarred, the rest i remove from the grow out as they mature enough to squabble. Marble Female Green Lace Male Green Lace Female Black Copper Female (2 pics, same fish) More pics to come as soon as someone bumps this for me...
  13. I'd never be cheeky to you Lisa! Well not till after the fish get here anyway LOL.....
  14. Fergus

    Boo :D

    HMPKCT = Halfmoon Plakat Crowntail.... something i hope to work with in time!
  15. Hopefully Abbey and Lisa have posted fish up for me before so i am hoping that she/they will agree to again. I'll be in touch Thanks Tara.
  16. So Tara... if i can talk Lisa into sending me some of her opaque/platinums, would you be interesting in selling me a few of your ventral-less HMPK? I'd like to see if they can breed fry with ventrals also (and if it works its a new line for me), then you could take them to the SSS meet and add them to the box... Of course - i've not talked to Lisa about this yet either.... oh Lisa! LOL
  17. I wouldn't be able to participate Lisa, but can i get some of these fish anyway? LOL Please??? *bats eyelashes*
  18. There's another way, everyone brings a gift then on the day you all roll 2 dice, the highest score picks the first present, 2nd highest 2nd pick etc... only problem there is that the last gift may or may not have come from the last person to pick....
  19. ooohhhhh me thinks i'll be wanting some of these fry when they grow out!!
  20. They are so damn cute when they are little!!
  21. Fergus


    Hiya! Welcome to AAQ I'm in NSW too.... it's a big place though LOL
  22. I condition with frozen & FD bloodworm, FD blackworm and grindals, seems to work okay for me :)
  23. What-evah Lisa! I have seen pics of you and you don't need to skinny up LMAO. Possibly even someone with a laptop and a webcam would work too :)
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