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  1. Can you let me know how much your betta barracks set you back? It looks like a great set up.
  2. Oh that first guy is stunning! I'm loving his colours!
  3. Aw they are cuties!! I'm likeg the 4th guy(?) best. Love the colours!
  4. They are some very lovely boys you have there!! I have a Prince too, he's a red/purple VT though LOL. My son named him after Scott Prince from the Titans LOL
  5. Yeah a bit too far. I'm in Grafton, closer to Brisbane than Sydney. I started school at Holsworthy i have very fond memories of living there way back when LOL
  6. Awww look at those lil guys that's so cute that dad bulit his nest in the pipes
  7. I wish i could come visit and drool over you fishies! I hope you'll post some pictures On a side note Lilli, i lived in Holsworthy for years as a kid LOL In Weewak Rd, Miri Cres and Cavalry Cres - yup i was an Army Brat LOL. I believe the have sold off most of the Army housing there though?
  8. Thanks for your replies. I have a fair idea of what direction i'd like my breeding program to take once i start and will go with a match with that in mind. I was looking for opinions from experienced breeders on what they thought would work well together and you have been a great help. I won't be breeding any fish until i have researched genetics a bit further and get completely prepared. Thanks for your time :D
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    Thanks for the kind welcome... i see a few familiar names about. :D
  10. Hi everyone! I've been keeping bettas for around 12 months now and currently have 9 bettas. I am wanting to begin breeding and want to start with a trial spawn between bettas i already have. Even though it's a trial i'd like to make the best match. In the link in my sig there are pictures of my bettas. Who would you pair up and why? TIA :D
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    Hi everyone, I'm new to Ausaqua. I have 9 bettas - 6 male and 3 female. I have had bettas for around 1 year now and am planning to eventually start breeding. Just taking my time to make sure i have doen enough research to be confident in my ability to do so first. Maybe this summer coming i think. I am looking forward to getting to know more Aussie betta enthusists. :dance:
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