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  1. They are growing so quick! About 6mm today. They have had their first water change today, i used an airline to siphon off about 600ml of water and crap from the tank floor and replaced it with aged water from another heated tank. They are very cute to watch when they are stalking their food. Dad is still trying to keep them in the cover of plants - i have watched him grab a few and spit them back into the plants, but they are getting to quick for him now. Fry day 6
  2. I could be offensive and say something about males.... but i'm not that mean bwahahahahaha!
  3. I'm sorry Bubbsy, what a difficult decision to make, and very sorry to hear about your boy too. :cloud9:
  4. I've managed to spot about 15 individuals again today, they do like to hide! The lil critters are about 5mm long now. Fry day 5.
  5. Fry Pic day 3 - they are about 3.5mm long today. I can see about 15 individuals so i would guess there are more that i can't see hiding in the plants. I know he's eating, i've been watching him eat the BBS and i've been giving him a couple of pellets morning and night. I guess they are just as different from one another in breeding as they are in their day to day personalities Oh as a side note - Bridie starting showing vertical stripes again today. She's not had any exposure to other fish since she went into her own tank after spawning.
  6. Have a look at Aquatic Dreams they have lots of stock at good prices - and they are fast!
  7. I'm going to leave the father with them. It just seems more "natural" to me somehow. When as natural as you can get in a completely unnatural setting LOL I have also fed the father as normal throughout the hatching phase, again it seemed to me that hungry dad could equal eating eggs.
  8. Happy Birthday Mike, i understand not being well - neither am i :alright: Hope you feel better soon.
  9. LOL At least you know if they are doing the right thing or not :)
  10. Congrats!! I'm loving that our spawns are only a day apart Lisa, means i can check your spawn log to make sure my fry are doing all the right things! :)
  11. Fry pic Day 2 The large bubble is about 1.5mm across
  12. Fergus

    Sick Yabby

    oh Em i'm sorry for your loss.
  13. Welcome to the forum John I can't help on the live daphnia, but someone else here may be able to. :)
  14. Thanks Rob Today it looks like most of the eggs have hatched or been eaten by the snails. I can see quite a lot of individuals hiding in the plants and as the swim about. They can quite easily swim from the bottom to the top of the tank (about 4 inches). Prince is still collecting fry from the bottom and spitting them up into the plants. Although they still have their egg sacks i introduced some vinegar eels and saw about half a dozen chasing the miniscule eels about and eating them. There were between 200 and 300 eggs that were in the nest and across the bottom of the tank and i'm under no pretense that they will all survive. If i can get 30 or 40 healthy full grown i will be ecstatic. I will begin adding water to the tank tomorrow night, planning on adding about 500ml every other day until the tank is full. Once the filter is covered i will turn it on. I have a second 20L tank and a 2ft tank to spread the fry out over when i need to. I'll be setting them up soon so that they can cycle before the fry go in.
  15. to stupid to breed :betta:
  16. I'm liking the early posting, that way you post as things happen without over analysing them later and possibly tainting the information because of the outcome KWIM?
  17. Your guess is as good as mine Mike This is my first spawn so i am learning along the way. I have VE and BBS ready to go.
  18. I am loving that first guy! and the second.. third... well they are all lovely LOL
  19. Aww more new babies... must be the full moon LOL There have always been legends about the moon and fertility... maybe they do have a basis in fact.
  20. We have tails! My little eggs starting bouncing around the bottom of the tank and i had a closer look and we have tails! I even managed get a picture for you all (and me ) Close up
  21. Thanks Lisa, it helps to be able to jump on here and check if things are normal or not LOL I have little jumping eggs! Some of the ones at the bottom are bouncing about, so i guess he has been managing to get them to the top enough - this is where only 4 inches of water helps huh?
  22. As the title suggests i have eggs sitting on the floor of the tank, will these eggs hatch? Should i remove the snails for a couple of days until i have free swimming fry? My boy is trying so hard to put these eggs up into the plant at the surface of the water but he's not having much luck. Thoughts?
  23. Good luck Lisa! Hopefully your boy is not TSTB this time!
  24. Thanks all - it's very exciting! Prince has been very attentive - maybe too attentive to his brood. Most of the eggs are now on the bottom of the tank, by continually moving his brood about he has destroyed his nest. About 60 or so eggs are caught at the surface on top of the plants, but there must be about 200 eggs on the bottom. It was a huge spawn but none have hatched yet so it remains to be seen how many fry i get. The snails have decided to hibernate in the corner so eggs seem safe on the bottom at the moment.
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