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  1. yatzy

    Suprise spawn

    Call dibs on first choice!
  2. les

    Hi Zack I was wondering how the Black Dragons where going? and how did you go with the culling did you have to cull a lot and how many are left?



  3. les

    Thanks Zack they have setled in nicely and I got some large jars almost 4ltr they will be great in the barracks



  4. les

    Great to hear Zac I thought you would have been busy with exams I have some micro worms comming this week so I will get you a culture going for your next spawning It should help with the growth rate for you I have a new water system going which is making a big differance in growth I will chat later about it to you Ok



  5. les

    Hi Zac

    How are the fry going mine are almost ready to go let me know when you want to pick a pair out Oh yes and how did the exams go well I hope



  6. yatzy

    Red Platnum Dragons

    great job les, yours went so much more smoothly than mine you lucky devil haha
  7. yatzy

    Need some advice

    Thanks for replying guys. He's now actually done something, still see a few dead fry on the bottom and just saw him gulp a fry but don't know if he spit it back into the nest or not I think most of the fry have now hatched and will remove dad soon.
  8. So pair spawned, quite a decent size clutch of eggs. Removed female and left male. Male was diligently looking after eggs until about 24 hours after i realized there was eggs and has gone lazy, quite a few eggs on the ground. Eggs only just hatched about ~36 hours after i realized there was eggs and some on the ground have trouble swimming back up, and male is just lazing there not doing anything anymore. Should I remove him? What should I do with the eggs on the ground? I see some of the newly hatched fry on the ground struggling too get back into the nest after falling and male isn't doing anything. Cheers Zac
  9. les

    Hi Yatzy how are your new additions going I do hope they setle in well and spawn ill have my system up and running by then the perspex comes at the end of the week


  10. les

    great thanks ill have a look and see what she has left

  11. les

    have you got Katapang leaves if not the city farmers at curumbine has some ill get some tomorow hay I saw your fish they are real cool Im thinking of the buterfly pair at the moment what was the cost for sending them? if you dont mind me asking

  12. les

    Hi yatzy yes i deinetly ,can you send pics of the pair? Id love to see them,


  13. les

    hay yatzy what typs do you have? and oh yes i have banana leaf they use them like katapang to condition the fish just found that out so am trying it out on some veil tail females.

  14. les

    Hi Yatzy I dont think ill be coming to any meeting better obsesd thinks im trying to steal her thunder and warm and fuzy talks over coffe and cake are not realy my sceen im looking for a club that you can show with and with breeding logs and structure so ill still keep in touch and send you the picks when i have them

    CHEERS Les

  15. les

    Ok Ill send pics when its finished and then ill have a BETTA idea of the cost just incase something blows the budget. I have a three foot tank in my glass house growing Java Moss, Java Fern, cryps and cambomba.I need to make up more tanks soon though just to increese the room. What do you have as far as betta go?

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