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  1. A crap its the same day as Future music festival.
  2. il2fd

    My first spawn

    Unfortunately the cluster wasnt as large this morning. Still eggs there but they seem to be in a single layer in the nest, rather then stacked like in the photo.
  3. Colour of the female is a little out as it was taken using the LED on the camera macro setting. You can see the female has no ventral fins, I think it was one of Tara's fish as I got it in the raffle from the last meeting.
  4. Just got round to taking some photos of mine. Didn't notice the colour under the shop lights.
  5. Hey was good to meet everyone today! Sorry I couldn't hang around. Will see you at the next one Tim
  6. il2fd

    My first CT

    Been a while since I was last on here. I will try get an updated photo over the coming days as I would love some feedback.
  7. The blacks are amazing, pitty about the export laws.
  8. il2fd

    My first CT

    and my first post on Ausaqua! I picked up this guy about a month ago from Aquaristic on Botany Rd Alexandria. I am going to breed him in a couple of weeks, but I wanted to get an idea on his quality from the people who know best. He is an import.
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