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  1. i have a healthy trio that im looking after. im hoping to condition them nicely and then try my luck in breeding. hopefully it goes well. but its a shame i had lost so many otherwise healthy fish
  2. i like the sister just because she looks pretty. no other reason
  3. OK guys ill try a little harder I still have 11 fish left so there is still some hope. i Just wish they werent so difficult to understand. i have some new hatchlings aswell at the moment so hopefully they so ok but man do they make me want to pull my hair out sometimes. and killiguy your probably gonna want to kick me where the sun dont shine after this but i actuly did have the beautiful N Geuntheri and they were going exellent, i got them to 3 months and they were fully coloured up, but then they got white spot problemsm, did a 90% water change which was probably my first problem and put in the medication and soon after they all went belly up. I was kiking myself. How do you do Killiguy. with bettas im like a pro i bread them raise them fine. but killis im like a 2yr old kid with a pet goldfish. hopefully with persistance
  4. Actually bender my brother and I do require kosher food for religious reasons. would it be ok if we bring our own sausages or patties and then it can be barbecued there with the rest of the meat. otherwise well be happy with vegetarian.
  5. it could be the PH and no i dont test my water. i dont normally need to because it comes straight from our water tanks. we dont have town water where we live. i dont believe it is ammonia because i had just done a 50% water change because i changed there tank and location. im thinking that maybe the larger water change and the change of environment may have triggered the deaths.
  6. no its not velvet for sure its not any kind of fungus nor white spot. i dont know. like i said i think im happy with bettas lol
  7. yes they are on BBS. but i have a problem they are starting to drop like flies. im not sure why i come back from work and 10 are dead. ive decided killies are just tooo hard for me. bettas are soooooo much easier to take care of. hopefully there health will stabilise again but i think i wont be selling them for now if there will be any for sale. i think ill leave killis for the experts like killiguy. i thought i was going really well, but something must have happened. oh well
  8. well i think since it was my first batch of killis i wasnt exactly sure what was going on, i didnt put a heater in there container till a a couple of weeks ago and thts when they started to shoot up and colour up. so i think they were kind of supressed by the cold. i got my eggs from my uncle who lives in mackay and has a freind who is into breeding exotic fish and parrots so he was able to hook me up with some
  9. luckily whenever i change any of my fishes water i add salt so i shud be safe with that :)
  10. yeh they dont really need big tanks, there husbandry is quite similar to bettas i guess
  11. ok well my preliminary head count, which was just a quick count while they were busy eating shows that there are atleast 6 pairs and it looks like there are more feamles then males so maybe some can be made into trios.
  12. ok good. i was just making sure because it wasnt the price i thought it was.
  13. after 3 months my notho beira rachovi are starting to colour up . the photos dont really do them justice, the have a beautiful blue sheen over vibrant orange stripes. but they still have a bit of growing to do. i have quite a few babies about 30 so was thinking of selling them off as pairs so if anyone wants to express there interest in this interestin little gems you can post here. i was thinking of bringing some to the brisbane betta gathering. the petshop has offered to buy my killis but they havent mentioned any figures, and i dont think theyd give me very much so i think ill see if i can sell them privately anyway.
  14. ok guys i got 4 sleeves of containers. just one hitch though, i was slightly mistaken on the price it was actually $11.95 a sleeve, 45cents more expensive i hope u dont mind. i didnt think it would be such a big deal so i went ahead and bought it.
  15. ok then ill pop over at the asian shop tommorrow then before i forget about it lol. things seem to slip my mind very quickly. ill let you guys know when ive bought it, so you can remind me if i havnt said anything.
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