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  1. The 7.5 watt looks like they could be the go. My fish are situated in my main living area so they can see the telly (they love Animal Planet) & the various rescued dogs & cats lying around, so when we're around if cold enough the heater will be on, but I guess it's just at night that the flat 7.5 watt may come in handy. The only thing is there is no thermostat to regulate the temperature, do you think that will be a problem?
  2. Well I'm not too far up the road from you in Mooloolah, so hopefully if I keep the main room warm where they are we should be ok. I was just thinking while I was away at work for the day as well but I guess I could leave the light on during the day? I've not had my fish over a winter yet so just not sure what to expect...
  3. I keep my betta in individual enclosed 4.5 litre aquariums with hood & light & was just curious as to any suggestions for keeping them warmer in winter. At the moment with the lights on it keeps it at around 27 degrees but I guess when the weather starts to cool, am I going to need to think about mini heaters or are there any other suggestions for keeping them warm (particularly at night). I didn't really want to have the lights going 24/7 in winter. Just curious as to how other people handle the cooler weather? I do live in Qld so it's not going to be bitterly cold, but it certainly can get chilly at night & on some of the cooler days. Any help would be appreciated :bighug:
  4. I know, it is so hard to decide who to take home & who to leave from there.........in the meantime my CT has stopped showing the skunk stripe fear pattern & has almost returned to his normal self. His rays are a bit out of condition but with the ketapang extract he should come good. His tummy has gone down & he is not afraid anymore.Who knows what that was all about?! Just a few days of absolute weirdness. On a side note the new DT boy has so far refused to eat....... how long do you think it will be before he accepts food? I've tried pellets & granules so far & he just spits them out.....
  5. Just a pet My husband started out well studying the betta wall for some time but then he sort of wandered off outside for a bit so I did feel like I should hurry! He did give me a good 20 mins or so before he disappeared so he did well. I do exactly the same thing when we go to the tool department at Bunnings so I know how he feels!
  6. Aha, I have asked myself the same question but I think it's with a huge amount of self control & a very patient but rather bored husband...... He has started to take an interest in my fish though & has named this new guy Zuess! He's a marble double tail sort of black & white with a tinge of blue....just stunning (the fish that is not the husband)! That's him in the avatar photo....
  7. He's not quite as fat this afternoon! I've been down to a beautiful shop in Annerley in Brisbane to get some supplies (Oh & I came home with a new betta...but that's another story) & as I didn't feed him this morning he looks to have passed whatever was blocking him. He now appears much more comfortable!
  8. No he hasn't I might look into that! Avitrol you say......I'm going to get some ketapang extract today down in Brisbane so maybe that may help with his fins. His scales aren't sticking out at all though which is a good thing!
  9. Yes exactly like a skunk strip!! Well described! He's been in the same spot since December with a good view of everything that goes on around to keep him stimulated! I've just figured out how to add a photo. In addition to the fading stress thing he now seems to be quite bloated.....
  10. No I haven't moved him & nothings changed, that I know of unless the cat has been stalking him! He is in a covered tank with light so she can't get her paw in. I have noticed however this evening that he appears to be quite bloated now, maybe he's a bit constipated..... I don't actually know how to post a photo, I can see "insert image" but it's asking for a URL.....
  11. No sorry I meant I changed about 1/3 of the water every week & gravel vac at the same time :lol:
  12. I don't have any stress coat...do you think a bit of melafix may help? I change the water every Sunday so it was done 5 days ago & due again in 2 days. Last change I added aquarium salt as usual & am not on town water so used my rainwater tank as normal. I always condition the water every change & can't think that I have done anything different than I have ever done....very strange! There are no kids that could tap his tank or give him a good scare so I'm very confused as to what could cause him to be this way....
  13. My crowntail betta has always been a happy, interactive boy but in the last 24 hours he has taken to sitting very still suspended or hiding. He's eating normally, his Ph is fine, ammonia levels in filtered 5 litre tank are good but every time I take a close look at him a patch of colour seems to fade before my eyes! He is dark blue but when he sees me his gills lose colour & across the top of his head running down his back the colour fades! If I move away the colour returns to normal. The tank temp is 25 degrees (77 f). I'm not sure how old he is but I know he is over 12 mths old. He would always flare at a mirror but does the same fading colour thing now with the mirror. Is he all of a sudden scared of me, as that's how it seems or is it a sign of something else going on?
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