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  1. Can anyone suggest a good source for small cylinder type sponge filters.
  2. crdave


    Hi Duke, I am running about 20 Aquaone heaters all mounted horizontally for excactly the reason you mention. Some of them have been running for over a year and I've never had a problem yet. Cheers,Dave
  3. crdave


    I was thinking separate setups for each tank if I make something compact enough to fit. A sump type setup probably wouldn't work for this. I thought maybe I could use sponge filters run by pumps.
  4. crdave


    Hi everyone, I have 3 divided tanks that are 24"x12"x12" divided into 4 cells with a section at the back for the heater. These tanks are housing male Bettas. What I would like to do is build a filtration system for themand was wondering if anyone has any suggestions?
  5. Merry Christmas to everyone. Hope you all have a great one. :)
  6. crdave


    Ordered the 980 but can you beleive I mismeasured (is that a word? ) the cupboard I wanted to put the 120 on and it's three cms too narrow. Bummer.So I'm just going for a 4ft x 16" x 20" tank with lights etc.
  7. crdave


    Cheers, It's good to get different ideas from different people. I've got three 2ft tanks which are going onto a set of shelves pretty soon. I should get the shelves back from the powder coaters monday.I've also got 3 2x1ft divided tanks that are 12'' deep plus all the small tanks. So these big tanks will be kinda show tanks that house female bettas. Gotta show the girls off too hey :(
  8. crdave


    Ok sounds like the go. Gonna order the tanks tommorrow. :lol:
  9. crdave


    Thanks Robbie, I checked it out and looks like they come with one of each of these 30w trisulfur, 30w bio-lux whatever that means, and 30w marine blue tubes or maybe you can mix and match.
  10. crdave


    They'll be used for show tanks and space to keep females. I'd like to have a go at aquascaping them with some nice driftwood etc and really well plented out so the lights should be good for that too. Lots of nooks and crannies in among the jungle for them to explore.
  11. crdave


    Do they have a fairly strong pump in them? is that why you need to baffle the intake
  12. crdave


    I'm going to set up a 3ft and 4ft tank predominately to house female bettas and maybe some other tank mates. I've been looking at normal style tanks which I have to get lights,filters,heaters etc or the Aquaone tanks with all the gear built in.Probably an Aquastyle 980 and an AquaGrande 120, if those models mean anything to anyone.The Aquaone tanks actually hold a bit more water volume and come with three lights built in. Has anyone got any advice on these options? Also on tank mates for bettas in these size tanks.
  13. No worries Jess, my pleasure. I had a great time and like you said it's good to put faces to names and to meet you two. After hanging out with Jess and Tegan for a day and seeing heaps of neat fish I think I'm gonna get myself a 3fter. Lots of plants and nice fish. Should get an eel just to freak Jess out hehe
  14. Yep can do Jess, 10.30ish sound good?
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