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  1. Yes vinegar is a worthwhile way before all the cleaning to make sure it will be ok in the tank. Boiling does not change the makeup of the rock and if the rock is not inert it will still be able to change parameters in the water. Just one rock "looking like" another does not say anything about its makeup, you really need to do the vinegar test first. Kath
  2. Just to be sure it is ok after cleaning pour some vinegar onto the rock, if it bubbles or foams the rock should NOT be put in your tank. Only inert objects, wood, rocks whatever can go in fish tanks. If it bubbles it is NOT inert and could therefore cause a chemical reaction in your tank and change parameters. Handy little trick I learnt along the way! HIH Kath
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    New To Ausaqua

    Trace, Kylie and Callatya, thanks so much for welcoming me to AusAqua it seems a very friendly site. I will check out the classifieds too!
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    New To Ausaqua

    I bred fancy goldfish for years, then had a community tropical tank with corry's, bristlenoses, all kinds of tetras then sold them off and I am trying discus. They are a bit difficult atm, I have lost 4 small ones but the 2 bigger ones are fighting fit. Getting more knowledge about them daily, reading like mad, hope to breed with them too.
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    I am new too Yots, where are you from?
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    New To Ausaqua

    Oh thanks so much Rhonda and Lilli it will be very helpful to have peoplpe who know discus I have much to learn! What fish do the both of you keep?
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    New To Ausaqua

    Thank you Rhonda, I was beginning to think no one was online tonight! Are you getting rain down there? Where are you on the Central Coast I used to live there, first Umina, then Horesfield Bay near Woy Woy.
  8. Hello everyone My name is Kath and I have joined under Wildy. I have been keeping fish for years but most recently I have commenced keeping discus and have already had dramas. But I have to keep learning and doing the right thing. I am interested in buying Ocean Nutrition Prime Reef Flakes, does anyone on here know anyone is Aus that sells it? Cheers Kath
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