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  1. Happy Birthday Kylie, don't know you from-a-bar-of-soap but then again you don't know me either, it's your birthday that counts today. Have a great day.

  2. I will try to get some tomorrow Lilli of them flaring =) kylie
  3. These guys are now 9 weeks and 2 days old !!! I still have 4 quite small ones, they are growing, just not as fast as my 2 largest fry ! I took some bad pics LOL, so i will post those in a sec of the 2 bigger ones =) kylie
  4. Nor did i ! I didnt even think about it !! It may have been a freak thing, but i just couldnt believe it. He was eating then just went mad in the tank i grabbed him with the net and he died =( kylie
  5. Still really well thanks Lilli =) I had a very very sad death tonight though =( I lost one of the larger fry, basically died in my hands I was feeding them their bloodworms, chopped of course, and well he must of just ate too many ! his stomach burst right there and then, i couldnt work out had happened till i turned him over and his little belly was split =( So now I have 8 ! 4 bigger ones, 4 small ones, I have split them now into 2 tanks. And they really are growing well. I am charging my camera, so will try and take some piccies of the bigger ones tomorrow =) Kylie
  6. Well thought I would let everyone know, that every single fry that was affected is now perfect ! They are all aók again =) PHEW... And just to add on i feel like a fool lol the fry are 6 weeks old not 9 sigh lol kylie
  7. WOW these guys are SOOOO beautiful. I think I need to come visit u callatya for some photography tips and know how =) your pictures are just breathtaking ! kylie
  8. koriana

    Neenish bettas?

    LOL i think they are pretty LOL. I would lead towards maybe the marbling affecting how the scales are forming, maybe technically they ar a metaliic fish which has been well halved lol by the marbling gene? Well in a month you might have completely different colours anyway lol GO MARBLE haha kylie
  9. thanks guys for youe help, one of the fry already seem better. They arent small for their age I am just having a hell of a lot of trouble getting them to eat anything other then MW or bbs! I might try grindal worms, Im a bit limited at my LFS as to which food I can get, its either bloodworms, or adult brine shrimp thats it ! Thanks Bubbzy nitrate seems to be ok, so looks like it is SBD when i tried so hard to avoid it !! kylie
  10. OHHH they are so lovely =) cant wait to see the spawn =) kylie
  11. Hi guys, I have 9 2 month old CT fry, which have been going great until 3 days ago. I noticed 2 fry had very slight trouble swimming, it looks almos liek they had a weight stuck on their tail, instead of swimming horizontal whenever they went for air, or food, they swim tail down. I got them out straight away and put them in quarentine, in a shallow container so there was no struglling to reach food or air. They are still in the same water as the others, butin a floating chinese container. The next day 2 more were down, so they went in the same container, and today another 1 ! I dont know what is going on, no one has died at this stage. But i am really worried about my babies. They dont have clamped fins, they seem hapy except for not being able to swim properly. Doesnt look like SBD as the only thing wrong is tail down, not sideways or anything else ! They are in a tank of rainwater, I have added 10% water gradually weekly since they were hatched. When the first fry got sick I did do a water change, I was worried about the other fry but it hasnt helped. I cant see any presence of white spot or velvet! Ammonia is 0, PH is 7.8 temp is 28... ahhh They are being feed twice a day, with microworms, small helping of BBS, finely ground Frozen blood worms, and i have also been introducing finely ground betta flakes, They do have a snail in their tank, and lots of java moss, as well as IAL .... I did a bitof a google and came up with a type of fungus?? but not sure .... kylie
  12. Thanks guys for your help =) I might have to stick him in a coke bottle thats a good idea, I dont want to jar him, but i cant risk injury to anyone else. The tank is tall enough that it will holda milk bottle upright as well =) so i might try the 2L coke bottle, trick so he can still see his mates =) Thanks guys ! kylie
  13. Hi Guys, Just want your opinions =) I have 5 week old fry, who are being fed on BBS live and Microwworms Live, I am going to start introducing Bloodworms frozen, should I chop these First??? Also there is one fry who is def larger then the rest not by a lot , but he (i am guessing lol) is chasing the others. There is only 9 in this spawn, do I jar him now? He hasnt nipped but is chasing.... The tank is 2ft and now almost full of water... kylie
  14. Well the babies are now over a month old =) and they are just SOOO cute ! I have 8 babies, one super tiny baby, and the others are growing really well =) I still need to work out how to take a picture of them, with a long lense camera lol, but I am so happy I have gotten this far with a spawn ! kylie
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