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  1. Happy Birthday Kylie, don't know you from-a-bar-of-soap but then again you don't know me either, it's your birthday that counts today. Have a great day.

  2. OHHH they are so lovely =) cant wait to see the spawn =) kylie
  3. WOW, i LOVE the marbling on this fish, just STUNNING ! kylie
  4. They are a gorgeous pair well done =) What a great find ! kylie
  5. Thanks Manda =) I loved him He is very fiesty LOL he is better in these pics then when i bought him, his body has developed and is a much nicer more balanced shape=) kylie
  6. I love her too Lisa =) She is such a NICE fish ! ANd only young, but so balanced such good finnage! I can only thank JL for her ! I just want to get a nice stable line of CT's in australia =) Thanks Fishfanatic ! Hve you asked someone about importing from her shop to NZ? or she might have another method?? Can you import from aquabid? kylie
  7. This is A turquoise female I bought =) From JL, REALLY bad pic ! And a new Black Orchid Female also from JL, And FINALLY lol My imp Red copper female from plakad again, has an AMAZING spread of tail, these are not great pics of her =( but you can kinda see her tail And just so u can see her =) a pic from her breeder Plakad, I have permission to use this picture
  8. Lets see if I can add more pictures... This is a DIVINE red CT female I bought from JL, SHe is going to be bred to the new red gold imp =) Sorry about the bad pics =( And ONE more pic of the new IMP redgold male THis is my only halfmoon female, Called Autumn, she is Leaf's Partner =) more pics soon .... Kylie
  9. Im with the others ! Consider this peer pressure =) MORE PICS lol kylie
  10. Hey guys I have bought a few new fish over the last month =) and fianlly got around to taking pics, I am proud of my pics of the red gold male, i think I did a good job. Lol the rest are not so good LOL OK so here we go A redgold CT male I imported from Plakad I bought this stunning Orange Copper Halfmoon male from someone Planning to cross him to crowntails to imrpove the spread =) He has had some fin damage, so his fin ends are a bit curly LOL but he is just STUNNING I called him leaf =) More pics in the next post =)
  11. They are Gorgeous Holly =) Got to LOVE a ct=) kylie
  12. Thanks so much guys for your support =) I just HAD to have the female, and yeap she does look ready to pop! lol may be able to breed her soon =) I will let you all know how they go and when they arrive, =) kylie
  13. Ok so i couldnt resist LOL I just bought these guys off aquabid, they are not a sibling pair, and I may not bred them together, the female has the most fantastic finnage for a female CT, i had to have her! and the male has a pretty good finnage himself, though not so impressed with his body lol . Only JUST won them on aquabid! You win some you lose some =) Pics by breeder and shown with his permission Pics taken by Plakad group and the male! Kylie
  14. Sorry to hijack the thread tig =( ... I knw what u mean xxBettaxx ,maybe puttign him with a veil tail to get him to see what the idea is would be a good idea. My blue male is really vicious too, i have spawned him once got eggs but they didnt hatch, and i hate putting the female back for a second go, because he really floggs them! sigh... =) hmm maybe i better use a veil tail too... kylie
  15. They look great Tig =) xxbettaxx have u bred your stunning chocolate gold halfmoon from aquabid yet =) kylie
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