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  1. Welcome to AusAqua! You will notice that when your membership is first approved, you only have access to this INTRODUCTION forum. We have implemented an approval process for new members to gain entry to the forums. This is an attempt to stop the riff-raff coming in and spamming, posting porn, etc. All you have to do is write up a little post of the "about me" variety and stick it in this forum. TELL US HOW YOU FOUND OUT ABOUT US! We don't advertise widely, so we would love to hear where you found out about our little abode! WHAT FISH DO YOU KEEP? Bettas? Killies? Marines? We'd love to know! Maybe there are others here that are interested in the same species. WHAT DO YOU ENJOY OUTSIDE OF FISH? Are you a petrolhead? maybe you are an avid reader? or perhaps you dabble in extravagant cross stitch projects that make people ohh and ahh? Once you have posted your little personal blurb, we will allow you access into a majority of the site. This may take some time, please be patient. (usually no more than 12 hours) We do try our hardest! All we ask is that you are all on your best behaviour This is a friendly community and we'd really love for it to stay that way We look forward to getting to know you :D
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