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  1. Cheers for the kind comments guys! ;D My pair of turqs out of here I have actually pulled out and have them a spawn from them right now! I have got the little ones to wrigglers and they are just about to jump to mum and dad... fingers crossed I (well they) can get it this time! I would also like to not that most of my collection (especially my big guys like the first one) come from aussie breeders... So these are aussie hormone free discus!! Well....other than the sick little skinny ones that I rescue from the stores! ;D
  2. Cheers for your kind comments guys...I currently have one of pairs with wrigglers now, so fingers.crossed I wil get it this time! Yeah, I will try and get onto a tank shot for you guys soon! ;D
  3. Took some pics of my discus the other week... took me awhile to get 'em up... but I hope you enjoy!! (It won't let me post more than 5 images?) Some of these guys are my "rescue" jobs... so still got some growing to do, but are really fattening up now!! ;D
  4. les

    Hay hood thanks i didnt know about oz fish for sale I think ill join that good luck on the racking and hope the band goes well my doughter is a muso at churchlands high school cheers les

  5. I have actually found quite often my mbuna like hongi's have dug down through the sand to reach the glass then once there they would do the dance in the crater.... I always wandered whether the smooth surface of the glass played a part too??? do you think possibly the leaf is a smooth enough surface to entice them to spawn on?
  6. So some of their claims that they are allowed to import them may be legitimate?
  7. This is good info, as there are a lot of guys out there trying to import these arowanas into Australia. They will tell you it is ok, because it is CITES certified... However if your caught with the fish, you will be facing a minimum of $10,000 or 10 years in jail, according to my local fish store owner.
  8. Alright, time for me to go finish the first wall of racking upgrade for my fish room today... wish me luck!!

    1. Sarah


      Good luck!

      Please show us pictures once it is completed. :)

    2. Hood
  9. Hey bro, Cheers for lettin us know about this place!!
  10. Hey all how you doin?? I'm a breeder from Perth, western australia, I currently run 41 tanks and breed a multitude of different species, both american and african, so if your chasin somethin give us a message, I might just be able to help you out, and be fair bit cheaper than LFS price!! Cheers guys, can't wait to hear from you all... Josh
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