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  1. Basically the bacteria will turn toxic or bad for your fish. Its not so much of the lacked of oxygen that kill the fish other than betta during power failure but more towards what happened after the power on (Bad bacteria). Power failure for canister filter = disaster! . I just can't imagine myself cleaning the canister filter. eeww the smell, the poos . I do however cleaned my canister filter every 3 mths PS: A jar of clean water for betta should be OK for betta but not so sure for other fish and obviously filter cleaning during power failure.
  2. thx guys. really appreciate that <_<
  3. I got a wooden stand exactly like yours. I was thinking about putting another tank on the 1st tier. Will it be safe?. Most of the wooden stand sold in LFS has 2 tier but i don't think it is designed to put 2 tanks on. Can anyone advise me further?. I was thinking about getting rid few stands and putting them on 1 stand
  4. Erren


    Basically i'm planning to sell all my unwanted fish and aquarium stuff. Hopefully i could raise $150 from that and spend on the proceed. The problem is, I have many things to purchase. I run out of water conditioner/ager, bacteria addictives and i also want canister filter and bigger UV sterilliser for my 4ft tank. I didn't used water conditioner and bacteria addictives on my last WC. Fishes have no problem at all but i'm a bit worried coz i had never stop using it. The 2L water conditioner and 2L bacteria addictives roughly cost $100+. The canister filter and bigger UV sterilliser would rou
  5. oops... i read the article few years back and didn't bother to revise it again lol!. But i do remember that medicine + UV sterilliser = something bad That true. the 9W submersible UV sterilliser works amazingly. I also lost quite a few from columnaris and none after i use UV sterilliser. In fact, i lost 1 as soon as i stop using it ( the female marble that i was about to sell to you)
  6. I think UV sterilliser work as preventive measure. So in case of ich outbreak, i think i would do more harm than cure the fish as UV sterilliser would clear off all the medicine that you put in the tank to cure the fishes. Its like charcoal or carbon filter. I've seen the Uv steriliser that installed inside the cannister. Quite interesting but i think it would be quite difficult to find the replacement bulb for the UV sterilliser in future. The one that used phillips bulbs can be found almost in all LFS. Not too sure whether that canister use the same bulb or not. If you turn off
  7. I used a small 9watt internal UV sterilizer (submerge) with inbuild powerhead in my breeding tank. Its the AA brand and costed $70-$80 each in LFS. I bought 2 few months ago to reduce algae and eggs fungus in my breeding tank. But they sitting around in my shelves now as i don't breed betta anymore, lol With UV sterilliser, i got less algae and less eggs fungus. I turn the light 24 hours for a week while the male betta guarding their bulblenest so algae is no surprise basically. UV sterilliser need to be turned on 24/7. If you turn them on for 8 hours, it will not serve the purpose. As soon
  8. Erren


    Welcome. Good to have more Melbournian here <_<
  9. work and other commitments, sigh... . By the way i only have 2 fastway labels and 1 heatpack left. I don't think i could help ppl in Melbourne shipping fishes anymore . It takes ages to finish up 50+ labels and i won't buy any more labels :)
  10. All giant sold. Platinum pair to fishngym. Marbles and red lavender to celeste84. I don't have any bettas left . Officially not a betta keeper . Not even a betta's tank or avatar left .
  11. OMG, really sorry hear that. Have you move the other 5 out of the tank?. Hope nothing bad happen to the marbles b/n in the next few days.
  12. So 1x 150watt heater for 3ftx 1ftx 1ft should be fine then. Thank you
  13. I'm using a canister filter wiht 1000L/Hour. Does that help anything?
  14. I've just upgraded to 3ft tank and just wondering whether i would be better off to have 1x 150watt heater or 50watt on the left, center and right (3 in total) or 2 x 75watt on each end?. I'm just worried that some of the spot are too warm and too cold if i put just 1 heater in the middle
  15. i never had a chance to take a picture of the female giants, sorry for bad picture but here they are: The giant red lavender plakat is the same as in the second page; the same goes with the giant white platinum HMPK. I was told by the seller that the white platinum female is HMPK but she ended up as giant DT with somekind of feather tail around edges of the tail. Not too sure how the fry would be if i crossed it with my white platinum HMPK male. But to my relieve both are 100% giant
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