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  1. will the newly hatched fry(this morning) die if they stay on the bottom of the tank, the Dads being lazy!!
  2. The tank is about 1 foot ( i Know its small but its all i got), i have been feeding him and i dont have a light over the tank, i just put them near an open window:) Its happend with 2 of my males so far , the LFS VT's never eat there eggs, only the one i want to keep do:) Thanks
  3. Is there anyway of stopping the dad from eating the eggs i have only had 3 or 4 spawns but every time they have heaps of eggs but then when i take mum out, the dad seams to eat most of the eggs,is this normal?
  4. cool! I will order some now Thanks
  5. Thanks Nick What do you use with it just an ordinary air pump?
  6. Hey im after a new filter for my Breeding and Growout tank what do you guys think of this one? http://aquahobby.com.au/category4_1.htm Thanks heaps guys
  7. Thankyou the parents were SD that i brought off STUBBSKM they have both passed away now thou
  8. These guys are around four months old, There are some Double Tails too but there fins arnt as developed yet, i know they arnt the best photos but im getting better. What do you guys think?
  9. Daniel83


    Is it possible to tell the difference between females? ie.VT, SD and HM ect CT is obvious becouse of the rays, But I cannot see the difference in the other fin types?
  10. Hey do you guys know if i could keep some with african chiclids? I have an oscar and a few others in a 4ft tank a few rocks and weed a piece of driftwood. Would this be enough for them to hide? Cheers!
  11. Is It ok to spawn with the female bigger than the male? she is about half a cm bigger i will try to post some pics up cheers
  12. Daniel83

    He Or She?

    That helps heaps! Thankyou
  13. Daniel83

    He Or She?

    I've been wondering why I couldnt spawn "her" ! he's belted up a few females in my female tank not to mention the 3 or so beautiful males that he has killed guess i should have realised earlier hey:)
  14. Daniel83

    He Or She?

    Thanks, was a very unplanned one, what will they turn out like? and i dont even knoe what a dorsal fin is:) is there a site/post explaining this? Cheers
  15. Daniel83

    He Or She?

    male i think another pic of the "male" and i think this is the female can you tell the difference?
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