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  1. Cleared, a few more java ferns added. Neons and cories in residence
  2. Soooooo its done, well pretty much, needs a few more plants, but this is all i have at the moment. A pic of wood and some plants being placed Now filled, lights running. Still gotta fix up the canister, then plug it all in I must say i'm rather proud of how it turned out
  3. Finally picked up the bag of gravel i needed (behind the wall is approx 20kg of gravel). So substrate is now in
  4. Update: I did a test fill on the tank and wall. Wall stayed siliconed to the base, phew *L* Actually looks really good under water too. Ive started putting the substrate into the plant section, miscalculated how much i would need though, grrrrrrrrrr, i'll need to drop into the lfs and pick up more gravel! Stay tuned, i'll try to grab pics as i'm 'scaping
  5. Actually it doesnt take long at all, the time is in waiting for the silcone to cure..all up it took 2 hours, but around 1 hour of that was waiting for silicone to partly cure ( the wall is 4 sections siliconed together, then sand on top surfaces, then sand on side surfaces) 1st pic taken at 8:31pm, last pic (full sanded wall in tank) taken at 10.25pm
  6. Thanx I carved rock shapes into the foam with a knife and melted areas with a lighter to make it more realistic. To coat in sand - Work in snall sections, spread silicone onto foam fairly thinly (like icing a cake), sprinkle sand onto it and gently press into silicone. Continue until you have coated all areas that will be visible. Gently shake off excess, fix areas you may have missed with a small dab of silicone of your fingers, put sand on and gently squash down to match in with surrounds.... Then completely let silicone cure
  7. I've decided to take this tank back to a planted tank....so for starters i wanted a way to separate the plant substrate from the sand i want to use at the front (for my cories) So i decided to build a wall, quite pleased how it turned out actually So the wall is done. All that was used was foam, silicone and black quartz sand. It is now siliconed into the tank, just have to wait until silicone cures before i can procedd further. Rough foam draft Full wall 'rock' Close up
  8. My tanks wont tank terribly long, they may mini cycle, if they restart the cycle process at all (some substrate was left dirty, and filters were kept running, most decor came from other tanks)
  9. *lol* yep prolly is a female thing, my other half just rolls his eye and say 'so where do ya want it!' i'm a shocker for doing full doing furniture moves and sudden ones, my OH and kids are like gawd she's at it again *lol*
  10. *L* i am gad i am not the only one that has these temporary insanity episodes :D
  11. OK, so today i decided i needed some tank to swap places and fish to move, why oh why does it sound soooo simple til you start *L* I still have 3 tanks to move and have been going for many hours already..... Soooo the 3ft (guppies & apple snails) has been fully emptied, sand substrate removed, black gravel in, its moving to where my 3 tiered stand is and will be holding my goldies when finished The 3 tiered stand holds a 2.5ft (pond snails) and 2x 2ft's (BN trio & guppy fry). I want to move it to where my 3ft tank is sitting. I've setup my new 3.5ft that is under my 4ft, the
  12. updated pic, taken tonight
  13. Hiya daniel. Being in Brissie, if you are after top quality Betta look up LFS in Annerley, someone imports absolute stunners!
  14. I've had it planted before, the loaches are pretty quick to clean up fry, as will the angels. I currently feed them guppy fry (and of course other food) and they hunt every last one into extinction *L* I have no doubts the platy fry will have the same type of fate
  15. Thanx guys There are 4 albino BN in there as well as, 2 clown loaches, 1 redtail shark and a breeding pair of angels I'm thinking of adding platys to the tank for colour, the other predators should keep the population under control.
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