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      Trully gutted...myself an Wan have tried our best to keep within the rules laid down by AQIS...we really do understand why they have the rules and regulations..thats why we try our best to conform to them..at the end of the day we are fish keepers/breeders...ourselves and we know how hard it is to source Indian Almond Leaves " Terminalia Catappa "..

  2. LOL...i'm larfing that much i'm crying, that's so funny.....you have just made my weekend someone. Regards Jeff & Wan
  3. Hi All, There's a beck/stream that runs down the side of our home, most of the year it's dry, it's a runoff for when the village lake floods, but after the floods and the water subsides theres usually small pools left, which eventually dry up. I managed to capture a few photos of a snakehead and it's fry... You can see the Snakehead below the white bag and it's fry above the white bag..there where hundreds of them, a beautiful red/orange in colour. Here the Snakehead is to the left of the bag with the fry to the left of the Snakehead. Where ever the fry went the Snakehead was not far behind, if any other fish came near the Snakehead would chase them away...here the Snakehead is surrounded by it's fry. Here the Snakehead is to the left of the bag once again and it's fry above it. I asked Wan what would happen to the Snakehead once the pool dried up and she reckons it's digs an hole in the mud and burys itself until the next floods come...this year though we had more rain just before the pool dried up and the beck/stream filled up again and I never seen the snakehead and fry again...so I imagine the snakehead and its fry ended up further down stream in a bigger pond somewhere. Regards jeff & Wan
  4. Here's the water tower Like I say I couldn't work out why the lake was getting shallower and not filling up...it had not stopped raining for months, I had to go on a visa run and when I left the lake was almost empty I was gone 1 day and upon my return the lake was full...I couldn't believe it...but the installation of the water tower, even though it is an eyesore, saved us from a flooding this year. This pic is opposite to where the 2 women are climbing up the bank, so you can imagine how deep it is.. All the best for 2010 to all at AusAqua Jeff & Wan
  5. At the beginning of last year the council installed a large water tower for the lake to supply the village with water...and it soon started to drain the lake..but it seemed to rain everyday from April to October and the lake got shallower and shallower, rather than filling up, so the Tower was doing it's job, as you can see from the pics the village lake is around 30 metres deep. Here's a couple of old girls and their dogs from the village, they come everyday to catch smallfish to feed their dogs and themselves, they use bamboo sticks with a bit of line and hook and a bit of wood as a float..as the water fell so they had to climb further down the side of the lake...if you look closely you can see their 4 dogs..2 brown and 2 white sat near the 2 old girls. That lady there climbing up the steep bank is in her 70's..one slip and she would be in serious trouble. The other girl is her grandaughter.
  6. Hi All Been busy editing my photos, but as promised here's a few more, has I mentioned a while back, we got flooded twice last year, here's a few pics : This is the village lake.
  7. :) Congratulations from Thailand. Myself and Wan, would also like to say a big well done to all those concerned in setting up the Sydney Splendens Society. Regards jeff & wan
  8. you want to see the thai breeders fish/farm...i have hardly any compared to them...I can't get over to visit them at the moment as they are 2 hours away and my motorbike as ceased so having to get that fixed before I can get over to them and take pics. Once I take the pics I will put them up Regards Jeff
  9. Hi All, Heres some pics of my bettas. I have been introduced to a couple of Thai breeders, I am in process of buying stock and also over the coming months am going to be taking pics of the breeders stock, I will also be making a website, these are the some of the type of Bettas I can get at the moment....if there are any betta breeders/ keepers needing fish, let me know by pm or email me at block-2@hotmail.com, what you are looking for and i will try and source them for you. Regards Jeff
  10. Hi All, Here's a couple of catfish I caught in the village lake the other day. the bigger one was 3 kilos +. Regards Jeff
  11. Hi All, Heres a few Pics of the fish I have caught in the village lake. I have seen big fish in there and I saw a chap put something quite large into the lake the other month. I saw a decent roach missing its stomach on top of the water one day. Pity as we eat the roach when we catch them, as they quite big. 1. This is a Giant Gourami, that i caught in the village lake. Quite a docile fish, came right upto where I was fishing, had 2 rods out and one just in the water which I was n't using at the time, only took the bait on that one and it was off, good 15 minutes play. We got flooded twice last month as both lakes broke their banks. Fish everywhere. Around our lake I have put wire-mesh to deter me dogs from getting over but theres about a 2" gap at the bottom. We lost quite a few from our lake when the floods came including this Giant Gourami, he must of went sideways through the gap. We managed to grab him in a net the first time he got out in the beck/river that runs down the side of our home, but the 2nd time he got out no one seen him. We got told later it was caught in a net further up the beck/river and need I say what happened to it. 2. This is a smaller Gourami in our lake. We have quite a few of these. If you look closely, you will see an orange bubble near its head, thats its fry. They protect them for about 2 weeks then the fry are left to defend for themselves. They stay in the ball, taken it turns, centre ones rise for air, they then return to the outside of the ball, then the next centre ones rise, they then return to the outside of the ball. This is done many times...Very clever. 3. This is a nice catfish, the Thais like to eat these, this one I managed to transfer into our lake. 4. Not sure what this is, but its my favorite from the village lake. I say it was some type of chub. It as a beautiful golden bronze colour. Caught a few of these and they are very tasty. Will shot some more pics up when i get then shrunk in photoshop regards Jeff
  12. Hi All, We have just had 3 days of rain, total washout, had fish swimming around the living room, kitchen etc, both lakes flooded, took photos, but need to shrink them in photoshop, once i have done this I will post them on here. regards Jeff
  13. Hi All, My name is Jeff and I am from the UK originally. I have been living in Nakhon Sawan in Thailand for the last 4 years. I and my girlfriend rent a villa from relatives of my girlfriend. We are in a little rice farming village, surrounded by mountains and jungle, we have 2 big lakes either side of us, both are full of Thai freshwater fish, from Giant Gourami's -several species of catfish ...the list is endless. Heres a couple of pics of the lakes. 1...... 2....... 3...... Image and Image 2 are pictures of our lake this lake belongs to the family. Image 3 is of the village lake this lake belongs to the village. It is used to supply the village with freshwater. You can see our house to the right. This picture was taaken about 3 month ago before the rains came, it is now overflowing into the neighbouring fields, and the local children are catching fish in puddles of water. I'd say at it's deepest it must be 30ft+. Regards Jeff
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