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  1. I have a real affection for dwarf gouramis and would love to have some in my tank. Unfortunately I have tried on several occasions and failed. Each time they are happy for 2-3 weeks then one day turn up their fins and are dead the next morning! I have had my tank going for about a year and a bit with catfish, and a couple of different varieties of tetras and not had a drama. Recently I did the math and worked out I had quite a bit of room left in my tank and thought I would once again go down the gourami path, same story! I do weekly water changes and water tests, according to the information
  2. Hi Lilli, We are on tank water which usually tests only slightly hard, and I don't have any rocks or ornaments that could be causing problems. I have 1 opaline gourami, 1 three spot gourami, 5 black widow tetras, 1 bristlenose catfish, and three tiny bumble bee gobys, have done some reading and all of them seem tolerant of most water conditions. My test kit is a Nutrafin Mini Master Test Kit and you count the drops until blue and then multiply by 20 to give gh, mine was 220 and it had "very hard" written next to it, normally it is 80. Hope this makes sense! Thanks :)
  3. :blink: Hi, just tested my water and has tested very hard for general hardness. Just wondering what the best way to soften water again? Everything else tested fine, and generally my gh is good! Have just been away for several days and used a feeding block and water neutralizer block under instruction from local fish store which I removed when I got home, as well as doing 25% water change yesterday. Would that have effected it? Thanks in advance for any advice. Cheers :D
  4. thanks Ghengis! have just tested water and ph, hardness and ammonia levels are spot on my tank has built in filter in top of tank, not sure on the flow rate though? the shop i bought my tank from steered me away from live plants but i am beginning to question their judgement there! really appreciate the advice, cheers
  5. :(( very new to this fish business and ended up with ammonia problem, which i have now got under control. water tests have all been good but am now terrified of another flare up. i have 60l tank, and have received lots of conflicting advice about everything so i am now confused! i have 2 dwarf gouramis and two silver sharks, will the sharks outgrow my tank? i was told when i bought them that they would not but the more i read the more i think they will?! will doing a water change of 25% once a week help prevent ammonia build up? i have cut back the amount i was feeding as well. i was also sol
  6. :P started with ten tetras and am now down to five. after some research it sounds like ntd, but is there a way to be sure? all symptoms seem to fit! i have also read that it is incurable, but some have said to use Protozin. will Protozin harm my other fish, i have 2 gouramis and 2 sharks who are all happy?? Help!!! :fun:
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