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  1. Thanks for the advice. I agree, would be better if his lace crossed the other direction. Right now I'm using Atison's Betta Spa, so hopefully that helps. Now I just need to gve him more sunlight :D
  2. Thanks for the help guys. This was what I was thinking also. Person who gave this fish to me said he was a HMPK but I wasn't able to find the "D" shape that a lot of AB HMPK's clearly have. Also, like the above post, his anal fin seems to be a big longer than normal plakats as well I plan on breeding him still, probably going to try and find a red dragon hmpk female.
  3. Thanks for the feedback. I don't think you were being too harsh. Those points you made are true and I agree Some I hadn't noticed until you mentioned them. Crowntails are also my favorite, and I agree thers not enough of them on AB! Theres usually 1 Page, and sometimes 2 pages, but for HM and HMPK there are 4-5 pages always! Again thanks for feedback!
  4. What do you guys think? Is he a Halfmoon Plakat? Sometimes he spreads his tail all the way and it does look like 180 degrees, but not exactly straight like the others I've seen. But a lot of times its not 180 degrees. Do HMPKs always have a 180 degree spread?
  5. Thanks for the info, would they all be the same color? They're both black, but the male has some trace of blue.
  6. If I spawned Black with some blue male CrownTail with a Greenish/Blue RoundTail? The male is a Double Ray CT. What about if I breed the same male with a sibling? Will I get all Double Ray CT? What about the female sibling of the black with some blue Double ray CT with a red VeilTail? What about the red VeilTail with the Greenish/Blue RoundTail? Basically, I have 1 male (Black with some blue, Double Ray CT) and a sibling female, 1 male (Red VeilTail), 1 female (Greenish/Blue RoundTail) that I would like to breed. I'm just want to know what types of tails I can get out of them and color Thanks !
  7. Good news! (atleast I hope so) Today before I left for class, I tried feeding him again, I put small pieces of freeze dried blood worms and crumbled up some pellets. He ate 2 pieces of the blood worms, and about 3 pieces of the pellets. I watched him with fingers crossed, and he didn't spit any of it out. What I noticed was the way he ate it was like a "sucking" method. He doesn't open his mouth and chomp on the pellets, he goes under it and slightly opens his mouth more and somehow sucks the pellets in and then chews on it. Anyways, I left for class happy lol. I just pray he didn't spit them out while I was gone. I guess I'll have to wait and see if he poops or not.
  8. Thanks for the replies guys, I appreciate it. Bettarazzi: I was thinking about treating him with something, thanks for the suggestions, but I was a bit worried it might just stress him out more. But at this point, anything is worth a try. Fighters4u: I can't 100%-ly say that he came like that, but I'm almost positive he didn't. I think I would have noticed it before. But theres a chance i just didn't notice his jaw like that because hes a black orchid color and without closely looking at him you can't really see a lot of details without enough light. Lilli: Thanks for the effort in trying to find the other post. What I mean when I said the temperature were in normal ranges was that his tank temperature was around 79-80 degrees farenheit. PH levels was around 7.2. I don't have the test kits at hand for nitrate/nitrite or ammonia yet, so I haven't been able to do tests for those. I do 3 water changes per week, basically every other day. Still unable to get him to eat today :*(
  9. Hey guys, just wondering if anyone knows anything about what my problem may be. Heres whats going on: My male Crowntail Betta I bought from a breeder (aquabid) a week ago has stopped eating. The first day I got him, he ate just fine. I'm not exactly sure whats wrong with him. He was perfectly healthy, and active in the last week. He's still active. But the thing is, he hasn't eaten since day two. I've looked at him as close as I can, no visible disease/infections/fungus, no signs of anything. The only thing I notice is that his mouth is constantly open. Its like he doesn't keep it in the closed position. I've seen him close it when he attempts to eat food. I've tried countless times to try and feed him every possible type of food I can, except live food. I tried flakes, pellets, freeze dried foods, I've presoaked all for a soft feed, but he still just rejects it. I know he is hungry because I see him try to eat it, but after a fail attempt to swallow it he just spits it out. Last night, I put in a pre soaked pellet, after about 10 mins he finally took it in his mouth. He didn't spit it out. I was so relieved that he finally ate something. But this morning...I see the pellet at the bottom of the tank kind of broken up. His mouth is constantly open, not like fully open, but about maybe 30 degrees open. Looks like hes about to take a breath or something. I've seen him yawn sometimes and he'll open wider, but he doesn't close it all the way. I'm thinking he might have some how injured his jaw/mouth via hitting the tank walls when his sibling female was near. I fear I am slowly losing him. He has been active ever since I got him, but I can see he is slowly decreasing in activity, he rests more at the bottom of the tank. The gills move a lot faster than before, looks like heavier breathing. Mouth is still open like described...I really want to try feeding him live food, but its really hard for me to get them right now, and it doesn't seem like the choice of food is the problem, it seems hes unable to swallow it. I've tried presoaking, smashing to reduce the size, etc. I haven't tried treating him with any medication yet. I don't know what to treat him with first of all. When I got him I kept him in a new 1.5 gallon tank. Before I put him in there I rinsed everything in very warm water, after that I cooled it off, then added the water. I used is conditioned, and aged for atleast 24 hours. I have no live plants, and the pH levels are in the normal ranges. Temperature is also normal range. I have no gravel, and no objects small enough for him to have gobbled and gotten stuck in his mouth. I'm really lost, and as I'm typing this, I really believe I'm slowly losing him :*( I really believe he has injured himself. If this is the case, what can I do? Could it be something internal? What might it be? Another thing to note. I bought him with a sibling, and the first day, the male ate, and the female didn't. But now the male doesn't eat, and the female is perfectly healthy and active. They both have identical tank setup. Please, anyone have any suggestions on what to do? How long before he starves to death? :*( I've posted on other Betta forums, no one knows what to do...
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