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  1. Hi Ken, how are your guppies going? Is the magical pond doing its trick?


  2. All is good thanks Lilli, have the first batch of fry growing and a few days ago I took the Male out and threw him in with the female and WHAM!! Eggs the next day LOL
  3. Got my Super Red with young. They Laid on Friday, Hatched on Sunday and today removed the Female so I can condition her up again. Just threw them in a Foam Box that we get the fish in and half filled it with water and sat it in the garage. Very Exciting :-)
  4. Ahhhh good way of explaining it, I guess the reason mine works so well when I feed the Fish 2 or 3 times a day is the fact I have the Aquaponics in place and this helps clean the water also.
  5. Did you test the Water? I actually have Paradise Fry at the moment, spotted a Female at work amongst all the males and threw her and a Male into a Glass Bowl so no one would buy them and within 18 hours they had bred!!!!! LOL Let them both with the eggs and young for the first week and Now I have the Female at home getting her ready to breed with a Super Red Male. They have paired up and he has a nice nest so any day now I'd expect them to also breed. Fry are all still with the dad after 2 weeks and doing well in the Bowl.
  6. Both Paradise Females and Rosy Barb Females were removed from the Import List about 30 years ago and since then only Males have ever been sold in LFS so Correct me if I'm wrong but I think all States would have the same deal where both these fish are supplied as Males only??? Last Night while sitting out on my Deck feeding the 1500 fish in my pond I was Excited to see I have my first Rosy Barb fry at 20mm in length!!! Was fortunate enough to find a person that had 2 females and bought these in August for my 6 males to interact with :-) The 6 Super Reds I have are about 75 to 80mm in size a
  7. YES the Medusa are Very Impressive. I actually have 1 Female that hasn't ever been mated and have added a White Tail Black Tutudo Strain Male with her to see if I can get Colour in their Fins :-) Would Love some more of these :-) I've also got the Black Cobra's in a Pure Strain out in my 8,000 Litre Pond so I hope to have lots of fry and adults by Winter Time :-)
  8. I ordered 6 of these for Work ( $39.90 each ) as I wanted to also see what they were like. Very Nice Fish and about twice as aggressive as the Normal Paradise Fish. I'm VERY Jealous to hear you got some females as I was fortunate enough to get a female Common Blue and bred these last year in my 8,000 litre Pond. For what I was told they come from Europe???? Very Interested in any spare Females you may have if you ever want to share the Breeding Possiblities.
  9. Sorry to hear that Rainy, has me thinking about my two back at work as I added an LED light above and had to remove the lid so maybe I'll drop the water level a little in case they aren't high jumpers in the future.
  10. Hey Lilli, I fully understand what you were saying, sad to hear people out there are out to make trouble for those like us who are always happy to help anyone. Agree with the amount of information out there can be mis-leading, even Googling can give you multiple answers and like with the forums we just have to read through the crap and pick out the bits that do actually sound true. Once my Paradise were discovered breeding I was desperate to know if what I was doing was considered Legal or Not and felt the forums would have the answers. Rod, I think one day we'll all have to pay somethi
  11. Hello Lilli, Forums too are sometimes the only way we can find these things out too, better to be sure and ask questions then find later you've done something that could get you in trouble. When I first noticed my Paradise Fish had a Bubblenest of Eggs I posted on AL and other forums asking it I could continue or did I have to destroy the nest and eggs. Lots said it would just be bubbles so I posted photos showing the bubbles with the eggs. I didn't want to find I did something illegal and this was the best method of finding out. Asking your LFS sometimes isn't too successful as half of the
  12. I remember back in the 80's I think when they stopped selling both the Female Paradise Fish and also the Female Rosy Barbs. I was fortunate enough to get a female from a batch of young paradise in a LFS and they bred last year. I asked lots of forums about the legal side of this and all answers were if I wasn't selling the Females but giving them away then all was fine.
  13. I have around 6 of them in my Pond and they have bred at least once. Pond is between 450-500mm in Depth and 11 metres long so plenty of space. Rod, very interesting about the Fish Growth, I too always thought it was the size of the container they were in so thanks for sharing that valuable peice of information.
  14. Yes the paradise Fish is a Cold water fish, I have them breeding outside and the Temp gets down to under 10C Males grow to around 100mm
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