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  1. Happy Birthday, thanks again for the lovely pair.
  2. I second that! Would be very interested in attending if it goes ahead.
  3. Thanks to everyone for a great day. It was nice to meet you. Especially want to thank Cassi for the starter cultures, Peta for the lovely pair and Di for giving me a ride. Will look forward to the next meeting! ps Did anyone stay until the end of the auctions?
  4. Thank you, will see you Saturday! Cheers Jonathan.
  5. Hi all, just wondering if I could get a ride with someone to McDonald's and the auctions? I would be dropped of at Jodie-Lea's shop and picked up at the auctions later on. Thanks.
  6. I would also be very keen to meet everyone. I can get dropped of at Jodie's but would need a ride to Julia's and the auctions.
  7. My new Betta's from someone. And my first group of fish since moving to Australia. Went to her shop for the first time, highly recommended, unless trying to save money!
  8. Well an update. I'm now living in Australia, and will be looking at starting up again. I'm thinking of breeding guppies and fighters. Woundering which are the best fish shops in Gold Coast? And are there any recommened. Thanks Jono.
  9. I like green snakeskins also. I'm sure there are many varieties I've never seen before that would like. I've never seen black snakeskins, they sound very impressive.
  10. fishfanatic

    Mustard Gas

    From my MG HMPK spawn I got MG, although I did also get a variety of other colors as well.
  11. Hi ninoid12 just thought that you should know that I'm in New Zealand, so not sure that I could get any over to you. Would anyone say that these fish would be worth bringing to Au? (will be moving with family at the end of this year). I'm sure you already have MG HMPK, right? Thanks.
  12. Just thought I would share. This is my MG (mustard gas) HMPK spawn which are 3months old. Parents: Father; Mother; Offspring; More pics to come. Thanks.
  13. Just thought i would post these pics of my blue and red CT. Thanks.
  14. Lovely fish. NZ could do with lovely CT females like these.
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