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  1. Happy Birthday, thanks again for the lovely pair.
  2. My new Betta's from someone. And my first group of fish since moving to Australia. Went to her shop for the first time, highly recommended, unless trying to save money!
  3. Well an update. I'm now living in Australia, and will be looking at starting up again. I'm thinking of breeding guppies and fighters. Woundering which are the best fish shops in Gold Coast? And are there any recommened. Thanks Jono.
  4. I like green snakeskins also. I'm sure there are many varieties I've never seen before that would like. I've never seen black snakeskins, they sound very impressive.
  5. Just thought i would post these pics of my blue and red CT. Thanks.
  6. Lovely fish. NZ could do with lovely CT females like these.
  7. Nice. All the best with the Pingus.
  8. Hi and welcome. What sort of guppies are you breeding?
  9. Thanks, green snakeskins/ green cobra. What about you?
  10. Thanks for the encouarging words. May consider bringing them over then.
  11. Hi Linley, always good to here you never have look back since. I agree NZ is a great place to grow up, but will lookforward to moving to Oz. Will also lookforward to being part of the Betta fanatics of QLD then. :D
  12. Wow thanks, could be an option will see as the time draws near. Are there any fighters you cant get in Oz, that would be worth bringing over? Cheers Jono.
  13. Thanks, I do a bit of both, planning on breeding some soon.
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