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  1. As far as the metals go no peat won't eliminate them or remove them, ro is the best option for this or a softener sponge. Yes the metals do build up with evaporation. Please note though that hard water is always a cause of metals in the water it is more of a case of calcium content in the water. Easiest way to check for hard water is to wash your hands using soap if the lather is frothy it is soft and if not much froth it is hard. But RO is the best otpion to remove anything from the water if you are concerned. What peat does is it acts like a natural softening agent asplant mattter breaks down it produces acids and tanins which soften the water it also contains essential elements which are needed by some fish egdiscus. When I was breeding killies and discus once the young were free swimming I would always add a small amount of calcium to the water as this would stop a lot of deformities which are caused by the lack of calcium. Please note though this is what worked for me. Other people have diffferent findings. Hope this helps somewhat.
  2. They are great have always had a thing for guppies but they are like WOW the colour in the male is bright. Youll have to let us know definately intereste in those.
  3. I love them after being in the hobby so long just find them great although I do run a sponge filter with them. I have used them on big cichlids and used mosquito mesh to stop them digging past a certain point. I am currently testing a reverse flow airdriven under sand filter which will turn the whole base of the tank into a fluidised bed filter. Had one going for a month in a 2ft tank with 50 baby yellows and aonly deaths were 2 because they were the smaller ones and got beaten up.
  4. Java moss is a definate not sure about the others tho my java moss does it here,
  5. I am not concerned whether retail or wholesale just trying to get some other stuff as local fs don't have what I am chasing.
  6. Is there any fish livestock suppliers online?
  7. When your fish are not looked after as they rely on you to give them food clean water and correct parrameters.
  8. It looks great actually similar to your logo.
  9. Mate I would try epsom salts or flagyl at 1 tab per 40l as it looks to me if she has bloat see the white rings around her eyes. This is a sign of the eyes starting to poke out as they do wilth bloat. just my theories any way. I have seen this in rainbow species and goldfish usually epsoms salts work but keep flagyl on side any way most vets will sell you flagyl if you say it is for bloat in fish.
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    Ok being an ex pest controller let me fill you in a bit the sand will work on brown ants and outside ants only the little black we all seem to have at the moment live in the frame work of our homes in the joins in the timbers and don't go outside unless it is really dry these become really prevelent in wet periods the only cheap baits that work on them are the black ones from the supermarkets but you have to put a drop of honey on the edge to attract them to it this is why they eat silicon as it is sweet just like honey. All baits are poisonous to fish so be ware the reason why powder works is because it masks there scent trails so they con no longer find their way. I don't mind the black ones so much as they also attack termites so they are good to have around as long as they are not everywhere and into things they shouldn't be. Ants are a good indication of wet periods ahead and can become numerous a monthe before rain. So hope this helps.
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    feed em to your bettas I know rainbows love em.
  12. How did you go do they still sell em?
  13. I'm sure this is it Markris Foods 07 54499466 I got a box a few years ago they were about $26 a box back then not sure what they are now but it was a large box.
  14. Or try a food wholesaler I know that there is a place in noosa that sells them by the box I will see if I can get a name and phone number for you.
  15. meleagras are avialble in Oz just keep an eye out for em.
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