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  1. Welcome back! Congratulations on your new job and home. All the best for the future
  2. Hahaha. Welcome to the funny farm! You'll have a ball here. I have a friend that's a master saddler - wonder if he'd be interested in your venture?? Hmmmm. LMAO Charntelle
  3. Hi Edith, Your boy looks like he is going to be living in the lap of luxury! He's very lucky. Welocme to AAQ, enjoy learning heaps here, and making some good new friends. Charntelle
  4. Hey guys! Thanks heaps! First chance to stop by in ages. How good was my birthday? I'm on midnight to 8am shifts at the moment, so spent it working then alseep. Oh well, gotta earn money to pay for these fish somehow! Cheers all. Someone have a drink for me (please??).
  5. Firstly, my apologies - this post should have gone up weeks ago. Just been a bit busy. One of our members, Daniel83, has been posted to Timor to help out over there. As everyone would probably be aware, it's not the safest place to be working at the moment. Just thought it would be nice for everyone to keep him in their thoughts, as well as his partner Jasmine, who has been left in charge of fish keeping duties. I know she will be popping in here from time to time. Lets hope they both stay safe. Army is often a thankless job, but some of us do appreciate what our soldiers do for us. Big hu
  6. Congratulations Jess. They obviously like it at your place! All the best with them. :rant:
  7. Hi Marc & Emma Welcome aboard! Mmmm.... ebay to aquabid. All I can say is: BEWARE! (Speaking from experience here. Hahaha)
  8. Hey Deb. He is a STUNNER! Love the colouring. Congratulations. I have bought lots of fish privately off Koblarp, he is a great bloke and the fish always arrive in great shape. You should have no problems there. Congratulations again I'm green with jealousy at the moment!
  9. That male is stunning! I also have never heard of them before. All I can say is WOW! Can see a potential new addiction coming on if they ever breed for you! All the best with them. :D
  10. It's a small world! Good luck with the babies. If you need any help or advice in sourcing stuff up there for your fish, just let me know. I spent 10 years there banging my head against a brick wall until I got them educated. Where in Tsv are you? I used to be in Black River, worked at the Hermit Park Vet on Charters Towers Road.
  11. Hi Daniel. Great to see another Northener here. Welcome aboard. Where abouts are you exactly? I'm in Mackay ATM, Townsville before that. Looking forward to seeing you around.
  12. Very nice Keith. Killies are such cute fish. Thanks for sharing him with us. (PS: It wasn't that hard now, was it? *wink*)
  13. Thanks for taking the time to share these with us Mango. Koi are very pretty fish! It is nice to look at them in photos, cos as far as I am aware, they are illegal in Qld, so will never get to see one for real!
  14. Just a quick update guys. Managed to get onto someone that works in the local(ish - 500km north) fish stocking society, who shipped me some barra pellets. The little guy loves them. He also LOVES eating the culls. I'm now a bit worried he's gonna get too fat. I'm just pleased I've managed to keep him alive so far, as it's my first time of keeping a "proper" aquarium. He's in a 2 footer at the moment. It was funny first time he had a cull - it spent a fair bit of time upping him before he figured out it was food! I guess, once he gets too big, I'll try to get him out to a friends' station.
  15. Thanks for that lambo. Looks like I'm in trouble huh? This should be interesting! Wonder how fast they grow? I've caught them up to about 70cm, and they are heavy suckers. Guess we'll see whether I can keep this one alive or not, and play it by ear. :blink:
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