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  1. Lol I guess Bunnings are about to see an increase in right angle drill purchases! Before you go drilling you precious tanks, remember to cool the bit with water held in with some silicone and go slowly and lightly especially towards the end. I went to the local glass shop and asked for some offcuts to practice on first.
  2. I use Miltons tabs, they are meant for sterilising baby bottles/teats etc. My logic is that they must be pretty good, strong enough to kill the baddies and but safe to use with something that a baby is going to have in it's mouth.
  3. Heh heh yeah thats a sneaky little right angle drill attachment, about $15 from Bunnings. That video is me all right, those are the barracks I'm working on now. I'm going to make some more videos as I go along.
  4. Thanks for the input Bettarazzi, I did consider the "one top, one bottom" approach but the drawback would be that half the tanks would not be drawing water from the surface and would build up oil and dust over time. The wiers allow me to keep all the surfaces clear. I've also changed the design slightly, the pipes feel a bit messy so I'm going to build small channels out of perspex strips instead. I'm not taking it apart to drill, here's how I'm doing it:
  5. Hi guys, I've been trying to get my hands on some cherry red shrimp here in Wagga but no luck. Does anyone here ship them at a reasonable price or have them available for pickup somewhere near Wagga? Thanks
  6. Just to be clear, Matrix is the one that gets rid of your ammonia/nitrites/nitrates. The Purigen is used instead of carbon for chemical filtration, it absorbs disolved organic solids/obours etc in the water. The filter wool does provide some surface area for bacteria but the Matrix is far better and easier to maintain. You can buy 200ml containers of Matrix and little bags of Purigen which will both be plenty for your size tank. As for drilling holes, it's not all that hard if you can fit a drill in there. I've just drilled some holes in my barracks, I'll upload a Youtube movie of it if you
  7. Hi guys, I've got a 4" tank for my Bettas as pictured. The forums won't let me post the pics Betta Display Tank 1 Betta Display Tank 2 It's divided into 14 compartments, 7 front and 7 in the rear. They are all separate at the moment and I'm planning on drilling holes between each one. I'm going to put a filter/heater in one of the rear compartments and pump water from one to the next in a big loop. I want to drain water from the top of each compartment (like a weir) to keep the surface clean and oil free but I don't want the holes in the top of each divider because the water wont
  8. Also some of my residents (all grown up from the thread on here of me breeding bettas for my wedding.)
  9. OK - my DIY tank has been kickstarted by chance - I was browsing through a fish shop that I hadn't been to for a few months, and found a nice Betta display tank sitting on the floor with "$250 ono" on it. It had a custom stand for another $80. I went home and thought about, then went back the next day, realised how much dust was on it and offered him $150 for the lot - he took it. I've been looking around at doing something similar myself and this was far far cheaper. It's 4' long, 14 compartments each about 10L. There's no channels or holes between the tanks so I'm looking at grindin
  10. EDIT - the tank is not exactly DIY now, see post #3. Hi everyone - I've seen quite a few threads and worklogs for people building DIY barracks but I've got a few questions of my own that will most probably lead into my own worklog. This is roughly what I'm currently planning to build: Display tank for male bettas 4 foot long tank, 20cm deep and 25cm high with 5 dividers 6 compartments of 20cm length, 5 for bettas and 1 for filtering Compartments will probably gravity feed water into last compartment then be pumped into back tank after filtering A rear "tank" 4' long but only a few cm
  11. Yup, my philosophy is that I'm just too lazy to change the water often enough, so I make sure the setup is as low maintenance as possible!
  12. Hi Callatya, this wouldn't work on a rounded surface although it would depend on how large the barrel is (how big the curve is). The nipple is just a large hollow nut and bolt kind of thing. Bunnings had quite a range so maybe if you got a smaller one and got busy with some silicone you might get a seal on it.
  13. I have 9 female bettas in my 34L planted tank and I change 50% roughly every 3-4 months. I do top the water up often because it's so hot here and the water evaporates (tank was half full after a 2 week holiday!) Fish are healthy and happy, ammonia etc are not a problem. I think it's due to a combination of quite heavy planting in the tank and good quality filter media. edit - i couldn't remember ever changing the water! but i have done it - twice now
  14. If you have access to an old otto bin, Bunnings sell a tank nipple and brass taps for under $20. A little silicone to seal it and you have a 240L tank that also has wheels. (don't try wheeling it around full!) Of course you need to be aware of what the bin used to have in it...this one was just garden waste so now it waters my garden.
  15. Hi everyone! I so excited about finding a site that seems to have so many people in Oz breeding Bettas! I am very new to all of this, most of the info I find on the 'net is from people based in the US etc. I'm sick of converting gallons and degrees F! I'd like to think I've garnerd a fair bit of info already, but I'm well aware that I still have much to learn! This all started for me when I suggested to my soon to be wife that we put 1 or 2 Bettas on every table at our wedding reception. She thought it would save money to breed them ourselves...I doubt it! However, I was happy to try
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