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  1. That is pretty bad. In my experience, if they do not spawn within 2 days (that should be the maximum if they are well-conditioned) I pull em both out and retry after two weeks. In your case, you have to wait for the fins to completely heal before you try again, coz if you don't, they will get sickly and never spawn again.
  2. That's too bad (now you need a new tank for them seahorsies). But hey, nemos ain't that bad at all (they are very fun to watch because of their activity, the saltwater goldfish, if I may compare them)! Enjoy your tank! :)
  3. In my reef tank, I have only 1 banded coral shrimp (too territorial to have 2), a sailfin/algae blenny is better than a goby since it cleans up the live rock (but once it's in you can no longer put in a goby bec. it would definitely be in 'kill-mode'). I use a 2-tube, 30w light (1 is marine blue UV, the other, marine white). Hermit crabs are very hardy and they will eat anything (but I feed Hikari Sinking Wafers and sometimes stick-feed feeder guppies). It would be nice to add a brittle star and some chocolate chip starfishes (will eat any dead matter), I also have a sea urchin which is very fun to watch (it sucks up gravel from underneath and expels the filtered gravel from a hole on it's top). I have about 20 snails in my 50gal tank. The hardiest coral is a bubble coral (in my experience, and they need calcium, too). I also use natural seawater (but use treated tap to top-off). Percula clownfish (aka 'NEMO') is the cutest you can put in . Don't forget the protein skimmer (it will skim dissolved organic compounds DOCs)! Check out this compatibility chart (which could actually save fish lives): (source: liveaquaria.com)
  4. His female partner also has the missing front rays (will know in F1 if they will pass it on). He was bred by Exotic Bettas.
  5. Me, too. Amazon swords survive longer in shot glasses, though.
  6. Some of my corys: Hike! Hike! It's a fumble!!! TOUCHDOWN!!! :)
  7. Your male probably didn't come from an even-lobed parent. Pairing dt x dt (geno) is the best way to produce good dts but you have to absolutely know whether the dt (geno) comes from an even-lobed parent/s. But you could still improve your line by pairing that only even-lobed spawn (m or f?) to its parent for F2 (of course, you will have a harder time if it's a male coz it would take longer for him to mature and it's generally not ideal to pair with a younger male). I'm open to objections :goodo:
  8. jtvbetta

    The CG

    Such great form and perfect scales! This one is a steal! :goodo:
  9. (If you would allow me to share my experiences with seahorses) I have had at least 20 seahorses ever since I set-up my reef tank around 2 years ago, and all I can say is, 'they die pretty easily' . They should only be included in a fully cycled marine tank, and they are only compatible with dragonets (since they are pretty slow, almost all the food will be gone before they even make a move when you put them in with the fast fishes). Yellow seahorses couldn't be paired with the black ones because they will also turn into black (dunno why). Put in something they can 'cling' on to. And they don't eat dry foods (I've never had one which did), I fed mostly guppy or molly fry which should be released very near their area of the tank. They are just very beautiful creatures that's why I kept on buying even if they don't last a month. Eventually I stopped after the last one died a couple of months ago. I even bought a pregnant male (200 baby seahorses released the next day!) one time. Problem was, I didn't have artemia at the time and sadly they all starved to death. Here is the compatibility chart: (source:liveaquaria.com) I hope you learned something from my experiences. John
  10. My females also build bubble nests but only when I add blackwater extract in their conditioning tanks.
  11. Wow! So many to do but so little time for this 16-more-months-and-he's-a-goner betta. I think I'll settle with the Harley instead Thanks, Callatya!
  12. Wow! That nest is pretty big! Must've taken hours to make! I guess the male should be all tuckered out by now. Hope all goes well, Lambo! :goodo:
  13. Hey, you're good in cheering up people! Now I don't feel as bad anymore. I owe you, Phil. Anything from me next time. :cheer:
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