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    I have been playing the guitar for a few years. I love animals and would like to have a successful aquarium. Bettas and Oscars are my favourite fish.
  1. I think you might have the same tank as me from the sound of it. The filter could have 3 partitions. Put the noodles in one and the 'bio balls' in the next one and leave one empty. Then I put the filter pad on top. I hope that helps
  2. my discus my most recent vid of em. Since that video I have remove all decor except for the driftwood. My bigger one looks great and colourful but the smaller one is dark brown most of the time. they have turns picking on eachother. One gets bullied the first day, then he becomes the bully the second. Weird huh?
  3. I got your pm about the forums. I have joined one of them but I haven't posted anything yet. Sorry I haven't been on here for a while, but I have just moved house and had to spend weeks without the internet (arrrrggghhh!!!) Moving house meant moving fish too. Not a thing I recommend if you can help it. It was a NIGHTMARE!!! We had to leave them till the last day and all fish survived except for my brother's beautiful and expensive marine fish!! All of his fish died:rant: My first discus has become more confident but my smaller one is really shy. He hides in the corner all day and th
  4. Bought second Discus. He is a beauty. He's a bit smaller than my first one and is the same colour but with different markings. (red spots instead of sqiggles.lol)
  5. I have found out his favourite food is frozen brine shrimp which he gets every second day. 4-6 feeds hmm? I know that fish can be a guts but wow !! I bought some Discus bits that I will feed him the 'other' times. I'm gonna get another one very soon. I don't like him being lonely either. As for the shark.....I know he is a silver shark. Does anyone know of a good discus forum? there are a lot to choose from.
  6. Thanks for all the replies. I have caught the cheeky guy eating brine shrimp:) he is one of the lazy fellas that wait for the food to come to him! He could just be too shy to look for food cause I do have two clown loaches in there as well and they are pretty fast Worming.........dogs and now fish......wow. Ok, I'm new to that part of fish keeping. I suppose you get fish wormer from the LFS? I know they don't come in liver flavour I'm going to do a 25% water change today. My last w/c was on Saturday. I'm gonna check ph levels and see what changes the drift wood has done. My water
  7. No luck, I'm afraid. Moved them back into the normal tank. I would love to have them breeding though.
  8. Well, I do have a bronze catfish in there now. I have no clue what type he is. Small discus is what it said on the tank. I went to another pet shop and they were in the expensive category with expensive names eg. snakeskin...etc I have a question about feeding him. He is still adjusting but how can I encourage him to eat? I feed flake and frozen brine shrimp (flake one day and bs the next). I haven't watched him eating yet, but I get worried cause his stomach in thin. I just want to make sure I am doing everything right
  9. I took the plunge and have bought my first Discus I should be getting a larger tank when I move house so I can get some more. Has anyone had any Discus experience before? I would love to get some other tank mates. Any ideas? I guess cichlids are out of the question..?
  10. I can log on and use the forum for a little while and then all of a sudden, I can't enter certain topics because I'm " not logged in" Please help
  11. Hmmm.... looks like they aren't ready to breed - or at least the female wasn't ready. Could ph have anything to do with it? Mine usually is about 7 .
  12. My dwarf gourami pair have got a bubble nest YAY!!! No sign of wrapping or eggs yet but I'll keep my fingers crossed :)
  13. Yeah ok ur right. He didn't seem to be sick though. Yesterday I did a waterchange and I know he doesn't like me doing those, so he sulks and stays near the bottom of the tank. The crabs will be going soon and I will NEVER make that stupid mistake again
  14. I had an Oscar called filmore and he seemed quite happy in his tank.....until this morning. he was looking up for food but spat his food out again. I didn't understand why The next thing I know he is on the tank floor being attacked by my stupid brown back crab ''crabs are fine with gold fish and tropical fish'' what a load of crap the pet shop tells us. My brother's crab attacked one of his goldfish, but at least THAT fish is alive. Mine is GONE :)
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