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  1. I agree with that Lilli. Keeps them at bi-annual I think for sure, but with the odd exception. I think a lot of problems occur with the overfeeding of blackworm. I reckon most people overfeed anyway, but the overfeeding of blackworm produces an increase in disease.
  2. Hi Matt. I would be saying the exact opposite, and that is that blackworm are the best live food to be given to fish, especialy betta. The disease passed on fish by feeding blackworm, over the feeding of hundreds of fish daily, is extremly minute, mainly parasitic but still ........very minute. To be honest it is not worth the worrying as any live food either bred wild, or under conditions, harbour the same quantity of disease as blackworm, our blackworm here in Aus. I also think that adding preventatives to worm water is a waste of time as none will kill the very small amount of parasites pr
  3. I didnt think anyone had bred ghost knife fish and they were all wild caught, or is that old news? If you can I'd like to give it a go as they are captivating fish.
  4. Just the two boys, nearly 10 and nearly six. I'm 41 and Anne's 36 so I reckon another two maybe? .......but Anne's a bit worried about her age and the fact we have two very healthy kids already and does not want to push our luck, (a weak bladder gets a fair run but mine is okay). I love kids though, love em as newborns, love em at five months when they cant even roll off the doona on the floor so you can have a cuppa and a smoke out the back door with no worries, and at two and three years old when your teaching them important safety stuff .......... you know, you see a young one up the stree
  5. I have been trying to talk her into one more rack Mouse.......but I meant one more baby I want another baby I'd like the look of those marble mollies howlsn.
  6. As with Callatya I are also a big fan of AquaOne products Dave.......actually all their stufff I find to be both very good value and very reliable. But when it comes to the large tanks I find it more benificial in both monetry and extra water-room to set up a rack with three or four tanks including filtration, lighting etc than it is to purchase a single largish tank like those AquaOnes. They can have bad re-sale value as well. In regards to tank mates, just about any fish work well together as long as you manipulate their surroundings and feed times, and keep manipulating them, but with the
  7. Other than betta: guppy - good god the tanks needed bolivian butterflies Kribs and trying to talk my wife into just one more.......
  8. Yeah you have to watch those rated around 50kg. I have one full of jars and one with dry stock and light stuff on it. The one full of jars has stretch on it already.........silly me.
  9. Yes much better to see them in prop and flare movement than flopping around in fast filtered water. I've never thought of checking you-tube for bette flicks before, thanks. Geez there is an awful lot of combat videos on there Stefan. I didnt expect see them.
  10. Nice set up jumper. Those bunnings type shelves take a lot of weight dont they........I have a few and reckon they are great for tanks.
  11. Thats good news Lilli thanks. I'm gonna get me some!
  12. Very nice Mouse. I like the dark edging on fish and really like your new one. I'm just starting to appreciate double tails, never used to like them but I understand them somehow now......if that makes sense. Are you going through an orange stage at the moment?
  13. Well there you go..........I'd never heard of dwarf freshwater puffers before I read Zafira's post, so I googled them and I like them! What are they like to keep Zafira. Can we get them here in Aus? I bet you we cant just because I like them.
  14. Those would be the Pisces brand BDP. In the tiny blue fridges along with Brine Shrimp and other worms? You have to study the bags well before you buy them because some shops do not change or throw out the ones that are going off, (turning slightly white and ragged). Some shops sell them as cheaply as $2-$3, some up around $5. If you are feeding a lot of fish, some of the larger shops will get you in what they call 500 CC's of them for $50-$60. And some shops will just make up $20 or so for you. Which is worth it if you can keep them up to feed time. It's the mainstay for my fish. I think it
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