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  1. Isn't it a peppermint? Not an expert on catfish. I buy the books but never find time to read them.
  2. Welcome to the forum and welcome back to the hobby.
  3. Bettarazzi


    Hi Chris. Welcome to the forum.
  4. Nice. I love those. That one has very nice markings too.
  5. Now make him weave between your fingers.
  6. Ahh. Oops. More catfish maybe? Their armour might protect them. Panda corys are cute.
  7. Nice. Playmates are good.
  8. Good to hear the shrimp survived.
  9. That is a very upsetting story. I think the out of date food is most likely the cause. It could happen in any aquarium shop though. Even in our own homes. We buy food. Take longer to use it than we thought and it can go off without us noticing. It's a very sobering story and I think everyone should be wary.
  10. I do lots with the iPhone. With good lighting you can actually get some amazing pics.
  11. That's very sad to hear. Sounds really unusual as well.
  12. Hello Yobbo. Where did you find Yobbo? I like the tank mods. Nice plant choices.
  13. I haven't used them but I believe they're safe in general.
  14. Wow! Of course it could simply mean that it had been in the PetBarn tanks much longer than that. They would experience the melt themselves. It's quite mind-boggling that they wouldn't learn more about the products they sell. They must go through so many before sale and while it might not be a huge loss, wouldn't you go, hey, what's going on here? The suppliers to these shops must rub their hands in glee when they see these inexperienced franchisees coming along. Why they would accept such a lousy shelf life is beyond me. I'm glad you got your money back. So many customers would just leave it.
  15. It had started to rot in less than a week? Didn't realise it was that quick.
  16. Beautiful! Now unfortunately that variegated plant you've got isn't a true water plant. It's not going to be able to be submerged in the long term. The leaves will begin to rot and this will foul the tank. It's a very attractive plant though so don't chuck it. They look great in terrariums and hanging baskets combined with ferns. They like a moist environment but not completely submerged. I really wish pet shops would stop selling them as aquarium plants.
  17. Well the actions have now been delayed by 12 months. I'm kinda glad I didn't panic buy like I did in 2010. It seems like the industry is taking this a little more seriously and banding together a bit. They should have done that to start off with. Now they have a year to prove that the science supporting batch testing isn't all that sound. Hobbyists might whine about their hobby being ruined but when it comes down to it no one I know would really want to see Australia threatened by disease. And if someone could prove to me that batch testing will definitely prevent iridovirus most of us woul
  18. Oops seems like I dropped the ball on the approvals. Sorry. And Welcome!
  19. Yay! Let's get some South Australian action happening.
  20. Powerhead vacuum looks like a great idea. Hmmm.... must put it on the project list.
  21. It's been a long time coming. I meant to do this ages ago.
  22. I suspect it's quite late for action for hobbyists. But of course, it's always worth a go so I encourage everyone to sign the petitions. There were similar actions about 3 or 4 years ago. AusAqua members ran a Twitter campaign, there were a couple of petitions, emails etc. It stalled things a little bit but here we are again. Will be interesting to see what happens now. Maybe now more than ever we need to get stuck into breeding bettas.
  23. Welcome Fishy1. Would love to see some pics of your reef tank. It's on my 'one day' list.
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