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  1. That's awful that your tank got poisoned. I'm glad you're back into it now.
  2. Welcome Kate. Sounds like a good plan. Let us know how you go.
  3. Welcome Bamboo Bettas. We'd be more than happy to turn you into an actual breeder not just wannabe
  4. Really have no idea what is being done. I had the impression that Aquarium Industries was doing something. Hobbyist can get public opinion going but in reality only the industry itself can have an effect on the new rules.  Hobbyist can get public opinion going but in reality only the industry itself can have an effect on the new rules.  Money talks. 
  5. Bettarazzi

    A volcanum

    That's great Les. Do you still have the parents? Where were the volcanum from?
  6. Not at all. In fact it will help dissolve the CO2 even further. Now we need a pic of your tank.
  7. ...and it changed everything LOL I will fix it over the next few days. Sorry everything looks weird.
  8. Ahh.... I see your problem. He's a turquoise dragon with a quadruple butterfly pattern which is red, turquoise, black and white. The butterfly isn't crisp and the stripes aren't equal in width. I strongly suspect he didn't really look like that at the farm where he grew up. And there is a very strong chance that the stress of leaving the shop and going to a new home may very well have caused him to change yet again. Is that any consolation? It's not unusual for fish from butterfly and marble lines to throw those patterns but it is a bit random. So it will be quite difficult to find someth
  9. Hi Leviathan and Welcome to the forum. I can't see the link to the photographs he sounds fascinating though.
  10. Oops sorry for the slow response. It's been a very busy week. Photos need to be uploaded first to a photo hosting site such as photobucket, it's also possible to link to a picture on Facebook but you need to make sure you've set it as public. Once you've done that, you grab the URL of the picture and place it here between IMG tags like this: It's a little easier on a computer because there is a little picture icon that you can use which eliminates the need to type the IMG tags.
  11. Great vids. Gosh those babies are cute!
  12. Welcome to the forum Contessa. Sorry you hear you're having trouble. Sounds like your boy might have contracted a disease called velvet. If you look very closely at him you might be able to see some very fine brownish gold dust. Is there a filter in the tank? It's not going to cycle very well if there isn't some water flow and generally when anyone says "cycling" they're talking about cycling the filter. However beneficial bacteria do exist on all surface in the tank, so the term "tank cycling" is not incorrect either. How tiny was the betta tank? Sometimes putting them in a larger tank ca
  13. I don't know them personally but I know that there are two clubs in Puerto Rico.
  14. Welcome fatbetta! Sounds like a nice collection you have there.
  15. Welcome Rey. Great looking tank you've got there. Are you involved with the Puerto Rico Betta Club?
  16. They have a natural beauty. Very nice pic.
  17. You need to upload the pics first onto a photo hosting site like Photobucket. Or you can also use Facebook. Then you grab the URL and paste it here between IMG tags like this: Not sure if you have to use the tags when you're on your phone. It might just recognise the URL as a picture. When you're on a desktop there is a little photo icon you can use that will put the tags in for you.
  18. Welcome to AusAqua. Guppies are extremely easy to spawn but not so easy to develop and maintain a line. Indeed the ease with which they fall pregnant actually makes things more difficult because you need to identify the genders early and separate them before they get impregnated. Lots of fun though.
  19. Welcome Dayvos! Crowntail dragons sounds like a good project.
  20. Sorry I'll go have a look at the Clinic. I don't mind PMs but it's good for discussions to take place in the forum so everyone can benefit. If you have a dire emergency we have an AusAqua Facebook group which has a lot more traffic.
  21. I'm in Victoria. I bred my first bettas about 1992. I still remember that spawn quite clearly. I remember how the juvies looked like jewels in the tank.
  22. Welcome Velxunai. Sounds like you're well and truly hooked. :)
  23. Welcome rainbowbetta, to the forum and to the wonderful of bettas.
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