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  1. It seems the old Photobucket hosted pics are appearing again. Not sure what's going on.
  2. Hello from Melbourne. Thanks for the pics! Tank looks awesome. You need a little person standing next to it to give us a sense of scale. This forum has had a predominance of betta keepers on it but most of us keep or are interested in other fish. After all, every betta breeder needs a monster fish to dispatch the ugly ones lol. We encourage discussion on any species. In the Coffee Shop forum people discuss whatever the hell they like. Well... we try to avoid hugely controversial topics.
  3. I haven't kept geos. They are beautiful fish but probably too big for my setup. Largest tank I have is a 3 foot 😄 Would love to see a pic of your 6x2x2. A tank that size would take up half my fish room hahaha.
  4. Bettarazzi


    Hi plippy. Welcome to the forum. We’re you at the Victoria Betta Show this weekend? They sound like great little tanks you’ve got there. Just be careful with introducing a betta to your shrimp tank. Bettas would see shrimps as food and even if they aren’t able to take a whole one, they will often take nips at legs and feelers.
  5. Hi ganaM. I think the problem is that the fish food doesn’t break down in a controlled way. But I would expect a week to be about right for a tank to cycle. Using substrate and filter media from established tanks will also have sped up the process. Check the nitrates. I think you’ll find you’re good to go. Of course things can change once you add fish. So I would continue taking readings and doing partial water changes after the fish are added. What species of fish will you be adding?
  6. Hmm I wonder if it’s just a matter of relinking? I’ll need to take a closer look.
  7. There will be other events. Usually 2 big show/auction events a year. Although this we’ve only done one.
  8. Some of you will have noticed that photobucket no longer allows linking to your photos. This has resulted in lots of the broken image links you see in the forum. I’ve just signed up to postimage.org and will start hosting my forum photos there. Seems to be a pretty straightforward site and signing up and uploading a couple of pics has been pretty painless. After uploading, click on the share icon and grab the hotline for forums. Just paste this into your post and voila works just like photobucket used to. I’ll admit that I haven’t done a whole lot of research so if you have any fur
  9. Welcome Adele. Hope we’ll see you at the upcoming Victoria Betta show. We’re all socially inept. Seems to come with the territory.
  10. Sorry. Yes, it’s been pretty inactive here. For what it’s worth (probably not much) you’re approved now.
  11. Hi Granberry Welcome to the forum
  12. Welcome back! You should try to get to the Brisbane Betta Breeders show on April 24th. Here's a link to the Facebook event. https://www.facebook.com/events/594982370666375/?action_history=null&ref=4
  13. Welcome FantasyFish. I'm sure you'll find plenty of information to get you on your way. So many of us started here. 
  14. Oops sorry for the slow approval Clare. Welcome to the forum.
  15. Hi Courtney Welcome to the forum. It starts with one then turns into an addiction. LOL
  16. Welcome Masone. You're very lucky with being able to raise tropicals outdoors. Good luck with the spawns.
  17. Welcome Bonsai. Congrats on the spawn!! Looks like you're well on the way in this fascinating hobby!
  18. Welcome Becca. You don't have to actually suck on the airline. I usually fill the airline with water from the tap, pinch one end closed so that the water doesn't drain out. You then put one end in the container while still pinching the other end, then drop the pinched end into a bucket, unpinch and it should start to flow.
  19. Welcome Daniel. Not sure who's breeding Channoides at the moment. Good luck with the search. 
  20. Welcome Kelvin! New setup sounds great. 
  21. I prefer to use standard tanks just because I like the flexibility of choosing what I put in there. But I admit there are some very attractive tank packages available. Unfortunately I'm not familiar with the filter flows of the newer ones. Depending on the type of filter you might be able to modify the outflow to diffuse it. Heavily planting the tank can also create enough quite resting places.  I don't like tetras with bettas. I find them to be fin nippers. Better companions are corydoras. Some of the smaller varieties are very cute. I've heard that rasboras might be less nippy but I hav
  22. Welcome back Roc! Giants have developed a little bit more in the last few years. We still need more breeders in Australia working on them. 
  23. Welcome Rebecca! We're looking forward to seeing your first spawn too. :)
  24. Welcome! That's a nice little tank you got there. Did someone explain the filtration cycle to you?
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