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  1. Hi Joanne, I'm interested in greens as well, although just at the moment I'd be happy to spawn anything and get them to survive past a week. I've also just returned to the hobby after an absence of nearly 10 years. Things have changed a lot. I'll keep you in mind if I ever get any greens worth sharing. Cheers, Michael
  2. What do you mean by 4 bay tanks? You don't mean those little betta separators which you stick to the side of a larger tank do you? Have you got a pic of it somewhere? I'm trying to solve the betta barracks problem. Leaning towards something custom built by St Kilda Aquarium. But I reckon I'll be paying heaps for it.
  3. What kind of substrate is that? Is it just fine white gravel? It looks fabulous. I love rummy nose tetras. OMG now I want to try my hand at discus! I'm out of control!
  4. How do you divide the storage box for barracks? Oops, soory, did I just hijack someone else's thread?
  5. The wheels are easy enough to pull off but what about the thing that the wheels mount on to? Any advice on how to cut them off. They look pretty tough. Should I worry about this? Do you know for sure that they will crack? I don't have a landlord. Maybe I can leave the boxes as is and trial it for the forum. I'll tell my partner that I'm sacrificing the carpet as a community service. :P
  6. I just bought a couple of 71 ltr storage boxes from Kmart for $11.19 (20% off from $13.99). I was going to use them to try and grow brine shrimp to adult size. I also thought they might be good as betta growout tanks. Didn't occur to me that they might leak or crack. Tell your landlord to pull his head in. That's what the bond is for. And if the bond doesn't cover it, that's what landlords insurance is for. Failing that, give him a betta and see if you can get him hooked.
  7. Wow! Thanks for the quick replies. The hobby seems to have advanced quite a bit in the intervening years. I think somewhere in the still unpacked boxes I brought back to Melbourne when I left Sydney (only 9 years ago) is the issue of FAMA magazine with the picture of the green half moon on the cover. I feel kinda old for remembering that. But at least I'm not so old that I can no longer remember things like that. There was no hope of getting half moons back then but now you can sometimes find them in aquarium shops. And there's also crown tails and coppers and golds. So I'm having some trouble
  8. Hi all, My name is Michael. I've just returned to fishkeeping and breeding bettas after an absence of about 9 or 10 years. My most active period of breeding bettas was for a couple of years in 1994-95 when I lived on my own in a flat in Sydney. No partner/housemates complaining about the mess. The kitchen had a door and during the cooler months I would stick a column heater in there and shut the door to keep my bettas warm. They were housed in 2 litre drink bottles on a bookshelf. I remember in the beginning I hadn't collected quite enough bottles and my juveniles needed to be separated. In
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