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    It’s been a long time since my last spawn. Everything was just getting too much for a while there. Quite a while. More than three years. It’s good to be back. The parents of this spawn were bred by Shane and Joel of Betta Spectra. I’m told to expect a lolly bag. Pair introduced very late at night on Wednesday 17/10/2018 after only about 3-4 days conditioning. Didn’t use a chimney they were in adjacent tanks and I simply uncarded them. They were put together before I went to bed and the lights turned off. It had been raining for a couple of days and the moon was waxing (1st quarter). Not sure exactly when they spawned. I only noticed the eggs on Friday night and there were tails on Saturday. Made a little YouTube to celebrate hahaha.
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    So my quick and cheap diy brine shrimp hatcher consists of an upside down Berri juice bottle sliced to the right length and an airline coming in from above and resting in the cap. I discovered that it fits nicely in a beanie box which is what I’m using to hold the bottles upright and I’m also using the beanie box lid to control the splashes.
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    Hatchery is going well. Will take some pictures.
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    In that case we should keep track of how easily this line spawns. We might be able to transfer that trait.
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    Lovers, enthusiasts and quite honestly addicts of all things Betta Splendens...
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    That’s really interesting. I didn’t realise that about Brisbane tap water.
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    Betta emoji!! I’d forgotten about them! Interesting that the fry are smaller. Good luck with the fry numbers. Got some green water for them?
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    Hmm I wonder if it’s just a matter of relinking? I’ll need to take a closer look.
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    Day 3 (since hatching) They are free swimming already! And of course I’m not ready to feed them. Why would I be? I’ve only given that advice a few hundred times. Had to rush around searching for air pump, airline, connectors, so that I could get a rough brine shrimp hatchery going.
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    Congrats on the spawn and welcome back! Can't wait to see them grow and what you get from them
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