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    This spawn has been a disaster growth wise from the start. I can't believe they are 20 weeks old. This is the biggest and always has been twice the size of the other 3 spawn mates. Any ideas what he might be? His iridescence is enhanced by the flash. At 20 weeks this spawn would be classed as a failure even though only 4 fry have enjoyed the spaciousness of a 20 ltr tank. I'm not sure if I didn't feed them enough, they seemed to get the 'same' as the first spawn but have just not thrived in a 'fresh' tank when compared to the first spawn in an established tank. OH well - it is all a steep learning curve. I won't be keeping him or the other 4 fry at this stage. Need to make way for the next batch having just moved them into the 20 ltr tank. All 70 of them!
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    We keep saying, "Special interstate guest" as though it's a big secret. JAYLEE IS COMING!!! 
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